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And they all came to dinner…..

November 24, 2009

I can’t be any different than most of you out there. I’m going to break down all the personalities that show up for dinner around the holidays.

The Complainer:

This is at least one member of your family. I would give a list of what this person complains about but it’s easier to write: what doesn’t this person complain about? Sometimes though this person wins you over by complaining about your complaint….winning the hearts and minds of others. This person also has the most control of how things transpire.

Do No Wrong:

No really, this person is the coolest greatest person in the room. This is the one that everyone else came to see. This is the one person that can convince almost anyone to come visit, and never even picked up the phone. This person is just that awesome! In this case, I’ll divulge who this is in my family…’s Grandpa!

Money Bags:

This person makes sure to tell you how money has been spent on everything around or related to the current environment.  This is usually how much money this person spent, and occasionally will guess how much you did.

The Talker:

This person has the least interesting thing to say but never misses an opportunity to have a conversation going at all times of the visit. The story is much longer than it needs to be and is almost painful to be involved in.

The Reservist:

This is the public servant or military person in the room. This person has a quiet discipline, could be the family cop, lawyer, or FBI agent.

The Criminal:

Everyone is wondering what laws this person broke to arrive, and if there is something illegal going on every time this person is on the phone or disappears from the gathering too long.

The Alcoholic:

If this person isn’t drinking, then this person is discussing the values of AA. You always get the feeling the person is planning an intervention when others pour a glass of wine with dinner.

The Siblings:

This is the two siblings that just are always rivaling with each other, even when trying to behave in front of others. The arguments come out in weird ways if they are on their best behavior. If it’s really bad, only one is there at dinner and talking about the other one. The other one is at dinner somewhere else with the friends talking about how great it is not to be “there”.

The Tired Toddler(s):

This is the kid who isn’t quite old enough to speak his thoughts, but is holding back from screaming because s/he doesn’t recognize all of the family members. If the family get together is longer than a few days, the child will be comfortable to throw fits soon.

The Kids:

This is the children that are hopefully being worn out during the day by the parents (in our case keeping them at the pool all day) so by the time they show up to grandma and grandpa’s they are as well behaved as possible. Within this group is the picky eater, the shy one, the outgoing one, and the one you are always wondering what is going on inside that head.

The Good Mom:

This is the perfect wife and mother. The only downside is she had a talk with her husband about not drinking during the trip when he gets together with his rowdy brother and sister.

The Thinker:

This person is the smartest person in the room, but seems to have a way of saying something stupid enough to make someone upset over the remark.

The Drama Queen:

This can be a male or female. This person can be any one of the above depending on what events are happening in life at that given moment of time. The nice thing is roles in families can be shared or turns taken on each family gathering. This person could also be a teenager or young adult.

The Stabilizer:

This person is keeping things flowing as smoothly as possible. This person’s job is to help with chores, put out fires, and be proactive before things get out of hand. This person also has to monitor self behavior because everyone needs this person there to keep the sanity, so this person can’t sleep too long or get too drunk, the job is just too important.

I Need A Loan:

This person has everything go wrong in life. Only calls if asking for money, and probably didn’t show up because s/he couldn’t afford to get there.

The MIA:

This person makes more of a statement not showing up to deal with the rest of us.

Happy ThanksGiving Everyone!


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