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Iran Watch

November 22, 2009

I’m looking for all breaking news today. I know with the Iran military exercise – calling all forces in practice today, to protect the nuclear program, forces must be on the move in the undertow……Holy cow! 5 days of “war games”, they desensitize the reality calling them that. Let’s call it, Supreme Leader preparing for protecting nuclear program to annihilate at least Israel….and then any infidels will do. Iran war games to defend nuclear sites

I am very concerned for the American Hikers held hostage right now: FOURTH AMERICAN HIKER: ‘NO WARNING SIGNS’—CNN AMERICAN MORNING

All for one and one for all at '16 Azar' - DEC 7TH 2009

We're All Green!

Mehdi Saharkhiz News Blog

Experts Say Iran Uses the Death Penalty as a Way to Intimidate Opponents

Diverse interests unite in Rio to protest Ahmadinejad visit

Fourouhar’s house today before the beginning of the ceremony!!!

Rafsanjani Sets Conditions for Friday Sermons

I can’t read this, but the pictures are very interesting.

محمود امروز یک کارگر شریف شهرداری بود و با دو فرزند خود زندگی آرامی را سپری می کرد

Information should not be forgotten:

Parvaneh Forouhar

Wikipedia on Parvaneh Eskandari Forouhar

“They are masters at psychological torture….they know what to do.”

Journalist Recalls Torture

Senate passes Iran human rights resolution

Iran to conduct military exercise aimed at protecting nuke sites

November 20, 2009

World powers meet over Iran nuclear plan

November 19, 2009

U.N. investigators visit Iranian nuke site

November 16, 2009

IAEA report raises concerns about Iranian nuclear facilities

‌چطور مي‌شود برنج كشاورزاني كه با آب‌باران و يا آب پشت سد‌سفيدرود آبياري مي‌شود به برنج مسموم معروف شوند، اما به برنج وارداتي و خارجي مهر سلامت مي‌زنند؟


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