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Senate to Take a Culture Vote

November 21, 2009

Vote is expected to pass tonight.

Once passed they will be able to begin the debate one week from now.

Awaiting Senate vote on formal debate of Health Care bill.

Once passed with 60 votes they will be able to begin the debate one week from now. The Public Option is the main sticking point. Moderate Centrist Democrats are concerned on the impact on private insurance companies, will it bring down the cost of health care, and bring down premiums?

The Republican minority is completely against this rushed bill and an overhaul of health care is reckless.

In approximately an hour, the 60 votes needed for bill to advance to the next stage of the debate. It looks like they have it. Every Republican is expected to vote Nay and even a few Democrats has held out to the last minute.

Next, there will be weeks of debate and amendments with the hope to complete the bill and pass before Christmas.

This crucial procedure vote has been asked by Harry Reed to have all 100 be present.

Health Care?

By the way, it’s Sunday in Iran and the drills to protect the nuclear ambitions are underway!

A message from President Obama:


I have to get back to the set to help my brother….oh distractions!

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