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Distractions, News and Timing

November 21, 2009


I recognized long ago that the separation between Republican and Democrat was just a distraction to divide and conquer instead of unite and evolve. Often, the ultimate outcome of an administration can truly not be distinguished between parties once the President’s term is over in the U.S. Ask any Republican how s/he felt about the Farm Bill or ask any Democrat about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Each side complains on the person’s decisions after voted into office, and no one person can please all constituents.

I cringed when Michael Jackson died, but not because of the reasons you may think. I was thinking to myself, the news is going to lead with this for days, weeks, months and all the important news would be lost on back burners and off of the front consciousness of what few people may be watching the news are fooled into thinking that the investigation of Michael Jackson’s death was the most intriguing and relevant information of our time. Those are the moments that deals are pushed through, major movements are implemented, and important events transpire that are willfully washed from the front page of the news, while we watch re-runs of music videos and release of “This Is It” to come. Rest in Peace, Michael …. but fans …. spend your energy on something to make the world a better place in his honor if you feel so strongly about him. When I have time I’ll break down a timeline of Michael Jackson leading the news and the news that was transpiring around the world. I think you would be shocked at what you missed!


The news is leading in the United States with the progress and debate on Capital Hill over the Health Care bill. The Senate to vote tonight on debating the democrat’s health care bill that is only 2000 plus pages. Our constitution did not guaranty healthcare, and even though we may be operating under an emergency health care system for the poor, everyone still has the ability to get health care as they so choose. There is only one thing that congress needs to do, and that is de-regulate the rules so that all insurance companies can compete across the United States instead of restricted to areas to operate business. The costs would go down over capitalism and competition, that’s how our system works. Letting capitalism flourish, freeing the invisible hand, and simple economics is ignored right now….so we Americans, on all sides of the aisle with our personal opinions are hopefully calling our representatives and voicing our opinions before the vote, but probably not. You see, it is Saturday, the weekend, we have Thanksgiving coming up, travel plans, shopping to do, food to prepare and a lot of alcohol to consume. American’s drink more during Christian Holidays than any other time of year, I haven’t figured that out, unless it is the only time of year we get together with our families and need it to either celebrate or cope.


Iran begins large-scale air defense drills aimed at protecting its nuclear facilities.

As we are busy, distracted, and fixated on the news of today about bills that will pass and then be fought over the holiday from becoming law, probably ending in a stalemate and no passage at all (my prediction). Iran will have come that much closer to launching and showing the world their nuclear capabilities and ability to protect them. The Human Rights effort to help the people in Iran will become a million times more difficult if we allow the Supreme Leader to accomplish this….and now is the time to help the citizens of Iran topple the regime that is abusing their own people. What do you think a world would look like from a country that beats down the beautiful citizens of that country….what kind of neighbor would Iran be towards the rest of us once armed with nuclear weapons that are effective?

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  1. November 21, 2009 8:09 pm

    I agree with your comments on Distractions and Timing 100%.

    1) we need to vote out the Democrats and Republicans, who are essentially bought and paid for, and vote in grass roots independents who share our ideals, many of which were penned by the US founding fathers.

    2) we need to stay educated and informed so we can vote meaningfully about the issues, and play our role as active citizens.

    3) we need to fight against “faith-based” oppression and aggression at home and worldwide. Iran does not need to join the nuclear weapons club for any good productive reason. We are trying to get rid of as many nucs from the world as we can and deescalate, not have this technology proliferate to more regimes. We put up with too much from North Korea, and it is now time to draw a line in the sand (somewhat literally in the case of the middle east). Iran needs to know that the *first* time they test, deploy, or use a nuclear explosive, or a dirty bomb, that their country will be laid to waste. If they need to see what nuclear weapons can do, we’ll be happy to show them on a grand scale.

    That line and warning needs to be in place. But, of course we must do everything in our power to avoid things getting to that situation. The vast majority of the people of Iran are kind, educated, and want a decent life for their families the same as any other kind and educated people. It would be horrible to hurt even a single innocent Iranian citizen in any kind of battle, much less a nuclear one. We need to do whatever we can to help these intelligent people get control of their government away from religious zealots so Iran can enjoy all the benefits of the 21st century and be a force for good.

    As for healthcare, I have some points of disagreement, even though I believe in minimal government in general. The problem with deregulating healthcare is that in a for-profit mode, it is to the advantage of insurance companies to provide the least coverage they can, charge as much for it as they can, and weasel out of as many claims as they can, and drop clients who become expensive after they get sick, if they can. There is nothing wrong with the government passing and enforcing laws that protect citizens and make sure that companies play fair. There is also nothing wrong with the government offering a simple alternative version of health insurance that people can choose or not choose. For example, if you are too young for Medicare and not dirt-poor enough for Medicaid, then you should be able to buy Medicare coverage for exactly what it costs the US gov’t to provide it. If you prefer the price and coverage of any private company, buy it; if you prefer the price and coverage of Medicare, buy that instead.

    They key to all of the above is minimizing and streamlining bureaucracy and maximizing citizen participation.

  2. November 22, 2009 12:24 am

    I recognize this “voice”…. Andy for President! Thank you for your comments. You do have a way of explaining things that even I could agree with.


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