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November 17, 2009

This is a Living Document. Every time I think I won’t post here, I have another story to tell you. So I guess I will keep posting.

Ridiculous update #10001

I get up early and buy a wireless router N so I can get my friend’s house set up for me to work in my area and not in his office area where he has staff and such.

I go to a famous Hamburger joint and have one for breakfast!

I walked there so I figured it was kinda OK.

I try to get my eyebrows and nails done but they are closed on Mondays and I walk back.

I have to wait for my friend to hook up the wireless router on his own time because he has a business and can’t just plug it in with his work in here. So that basically isn’t going to happen today.

I talk to Cordell Crockett who wants to give me a guitar lesson Tuesday (today) and in exchange I’m promoting Hear Kitty Kitty concert on Sunset this Thursday.

I decide to go shopping to best buy and look at cameras (Mouth of Moses took mine, took the hard drive and has threatened me with whatever is on it to expose it, which I don’t think is anything, but you never know with this asshole) and get a new GPS to replace that fucking thing too!

I decide my iPhone is just as good as what I need for now, I have 32 gigs and spent 300 and don’t really need to spend any more money.

I decide instead to make a nice dinner for my new roommate and I’ve already called my girlfriend (D) from the hotel and told her when she gets off work to come over since she doesn’t work tomorrow (today-Tuesday).

This is my text messages with my friend today (Monday). My sleeping pattern is the same as the hotel and from working these odd hours. So I’m trying to make this clear. I’m writing the text messages exactly as I have received them. I also make many calls in-between with her, but here is the gist.

Nov 16, 09 8:48 a.m.

U got out just in time. I walked down hall and stepped in toilet water. Entire place is so flooded coming from ur floor. People r mad.

(me) 10:07

That is crazy but they said they would give you my mail (I’m waiting for my picks and strings to come for my guitar because Cordell and I have a lesson on Tuesday).

(D) 11:08

K ill check it when I get back home from work.

(D) 5:46pm

The entire building is flooded. I hate to know what ur floor looks like. I bet ur room is flooded. I should take picture of my hall. U got out perfect timing.

ME: Uh oh

(D) Ask the guy who works here. I didn’t look at second floor. I just know whatever that man was mad about. Made its way down here in the hall one room over. I bet in ur room or close

I woke up and stepped in toilet water in the hall. At least that is what neighbor said.

Holy shit heather. I just took a walk to second floor. It looks like it came from ur room. I’m going back and taking pictures. Hang on. Gotta ask the guys. Did

Did pipe bust?? Or did toilet over flow. Hmm.

D calls me and puts a maintenance man on that says that it was intentionally sabotaged in my room and that’s why it flooded. She’s freaking out, and he’s telling me I’m sorry, because he remembers me talking to him about my problem with someone bothering me.

6:12 p.m.

I just took pics of your room with my cell. U are going to die when u see this, or I’m fucking delusional.

Ok, the other maintenance guy said it happened in the other room. The same piping prob as what happened up stairs and asked why I was taking pics. I took them anyway.

U cannot imagine what this place looks like. Its bad.

I have such a bad vibe.

*I call her and tell her to come to me.

Oh my god I feel everything. Crazy shit. I,m grabbing stuff. Going to bank. Call u in minute.

She comes to my place and the pictures are insane, but I can’t get them off of her phone because she doesn’t have a plan. But I might be able to figure something out. I use to have a phone like that and I have to look in my stuff (too much stuff) for a wire that may get it transferred.

I look at it 3 ways.


1) Intentional so it would look like me and make me responsible for the damage to cost me more money to sink me further…. or

2) It’s like an evil spirit movie and when I cleaned the room down perfect, left money for the house keeper, checked out making sure I didn’t owe anything else and said to the room as I walked out, “Goodbye Chapel Perilous” it was like evil collapsed on itself and that’s just a kind of cosmic visual.

3) The pipes broke after I happened to just move out Friday. No one had rented my room. Just a coincidence.

This song just came on the radio. I love synchronicity:

I like the one above because of the charity, but the one below reminds me of my night of  Yahoo IM with the VP of my old company, and we were having a good time. I wonder why those good times didn’t translate into communication and assistance when it should have been obvious from his perspective I was in big trouble?

My schedule is the same as in the hotel…so I sleep when my friend is awake and visa-versa. Anyway….I was having a nightmare…..I was being held down by an attacker and I knew there was people in ear shot, but no matter how hard I yelled, I couldn’t yell loud enough “Help Me” … so I would try again harder “Help Me” and I kept trying to make my voice louder but in my dream it sounded so meek and quiet… too quiet for anyone to hear my desperate pleas….

My friend and his dog were across the house in an office and they heard me and they woke me up….he said, “Heather, you are having a nightmare….wake up.” I look up at the dog looking at me and my friend. I said, “Was I screaming Help Me?” He said, “Yeah”.

We had a talk later, and he said, “I didn’t realize what you have been through, until I heard you screaming in your sleep. Now I understand.”

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