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Find 100 Ways to Improve Human Rights (11-20)

November 17, 2009

#11. Volunteer overseas. Many organizations are dedicated to helping people volunteer in developing countries. These organizations are unlikely to send people to any conflict countries, but more likely to send people to developing countries, and countries suffering from famine or HIV/AIDS. Peace Corps asks for two years commitment but gives volunteers the amazing opportunity of being fully immersed in the culture of their assigned country, world class training including language training, full medical care and pays for everything. If you cannot commit for two years, you can pay some organizations (such as Cross Cultural Solutions, Globe Aware, Habitat For Humanity) to set up a short term volunteer program that will be tax deductible as well- get creative, set up some fundraising programs to get a paid trip!!! (AW)

#12. Knowledge is Power. Take classes at your local community college or University about the plights of people in other countries as well as our own. Political Science, diversity, women’s studies, human rights, world history are a few classes to get you started.  Experiencing the world around you is about education, and education is about experiencing the world around you. Down the road, apply for scholarships to study overseas!! (AW)

#13. Help people here at home. America hasn’t had the best rap in recent years as a haven for persecuted people, but one could easily argue (and I will argue) that this decline is a declination based only on the current state of America compared to the state of America 10 years ago—and NOT, as some would have you believe, the current state of America compared to the current state of other nations. America is still a haven for persecuted people on a global scale, though our record of this has been better in the past. People from all over the world still come to America to seek refuge and by being willing and able to support their transition into American society you make a better America and a better world. Volunteer to teach English, Adult education classes, and other support centers in your community. (AW)

#14. Support the Arts. Most awareness of the plight of oppressed peoples does not come from first hand knowledge, it comes from the media. People find something that moves them, and they get on the bandwagon to help support the cause. This often comes through music, visual art, or cinema. There is not a more powerful way to get people to listen. Donate to local artists, increase viewer numbers by being one, talk about it what you’ve seen. (AW)

#15. Support good business, boycott bad. This isn’t always the easiest to figure out, but research and getting aware helps. When you spend money that goes back to the bad guys, you are helping the bad guys. Try your best not to do this. (AW)

#16. Find an activist with whom you agree, and help get their name out there! Self-explanatory but realize this, you support them and that’s great. If you can get 3 or 4 more people to do this even better, but if people keep paying this forward it can be revolutionary. (AW)

#17. Letter to the editor. Reading about what people think, as opposed to just the unbiased journalistic view, is how you get a discussion started. Once the discussion is started, the global consciousness is involved. (AW)

#18. I threw a bar-b-q Saturday and was discussing Human Rights with my friend Nick. He said, “I’ve always held the opinion that to tackle human rights, you must tackle literacy first. If the people in the area that is being oppressed are able to read about other countries and how they fought for their Human Rights, it will inspire them, and teach them how to fight for their own. Donate your time to read to children and teach them to read. There is excellent reading programs, including for profit, such as Kumon. Contact for profit reading programs and find out how their program could be brought into other areas of the world.

Share Literacy Program

#19. Use Youtube educational videos to inform on literacy, news events, and anything that supports human rights!

Hadrawi’s Peace & Literacy Caravan – Ugaasa Abukar Boocow

#20. Volunteer with organizations that assist with traveling to foreign countries. Your contribution is to pay your own expenses and volunteer your time. There is an organization I have witnessed in action and support, because 100% of the expenses donated do go to help the children! Contact World Change For Children for more information!

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