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Time To Deal

November 7, 2009

Time Line

November 4, 1979
Although he denies involvement, information points to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s participation in the “student protest” at the American Embassy in Iran on November 4, 1979. Even though the CIA reports deny his involvement, the hostages remembered him as one of their captors. Colonel Scott reported to the Washington Times that he remembers Ahmadinejad as one of the main leaders. While in captivity, there was an Iranian guard that treated the Americans with decency. Ahmadinejad was angry he allowed visitations between cells and refered to the hostages as pigs kept in cells. The memories of him was that of a cruel person and hard liner for the regime. Even though they were blind folded and strapped to chairs most of their time, Ahmadinejad’s voice resonated as one of the interrogators. Not suprising, Ahmadinejad had been in groups similar to what are known now as the Basij.

November 1979 Partial Hostage Release

In an obvious world relation PR campaign, Iran released what they referred to as the “oppressed minorities” allowing all but two women and one African-American to return home. In July 1980, Richard Queen suffered from Multiple Sclerosis, but after captivity his condition worsened and he died not long after his release.

January 28, 1980

3 Months Later the Canadian Caper

Don’t forget what our friend to the North has done to help America. Canada has always been a friend, they just don’t have the type of Army we have, or government. They almost remind me of Switzerland. They are quiet behind the scenes, they have taken in our citizens during the Vietnam draft, and they have a liberal policy that allows people from the Middle East to relocate there. National Security concerns focus on our borders with Canada even more dangerous and weaker than the Mexican border. I do want to acknowledge their help though through this crisis. There were 6 American diplomats who escaped and hid in the Swiss and Canadian embassies. The Canadian Parliament held a session in secret. A meeting of this nature had not been organized since World War II. The purpose allowed special legislation providing the Americans in hiding false identification, Canadian passports, and flights out of Iran to Zurich, Switzerland.

January 20, 1981

Released to Ronald Reagan

My memory of the hostages being released after President Ronald Reagan’s swearing into office gave the illusion that Ronald Reagan was responsible for negotiating their release. The 52 hostages were held for 444 days. President Carter worked tirelessly to facilitate their release. The Iranian government used this opportunity to disgrace Carter and hand over the hostages immediately after President Reagan won the office of the White House. I do not want to take any credit away from the work he tried to do. Yes, mistakes were made….as they always are. Life just isn’t perfect. I believe he acted in good faith that each decision he made was going to resolve the conflict, and sometimes everything isn’t enough. Even today, remember the enemies use our political system to influence our behavior when we vote. Still, there’s nothing like a speech from the Gipper.

The crisis has also been described as the “pivotal episode” in the history of U.S.-Iranian relations. The crisis strengthened Ayatollah Khomeini’s authority and the political power of those who supported theocracy and cutting ties with any relations with the United States. This was also the first time that the diplomacy with Iran transformed to legal action in economic sanctions. Economic ties ceased between the two countries, and recently GE unfortunately sold products to Iran, as reported by Bill O’Reilly.

September 24, 2007

Speaking at Columbia University (clip on homosexuals and women).

September 25, 2009

Larry King interview regarding election votes



For the fear & greed motivating Basij to take arms against their brothers & sisters, they are shamed.

Evin Has Registered at Least 400 Detainees of 13 Aban Protests

Iranian regime turns off cell phone network in Tehran University

The Bear Story

New Wave of Arbitrary Detentions Targets Students and Alumni

Protesters Injured and Arrested During Peaceful Demonstrations

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