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Six Strings

November 7, 2009

I have mentioned I have a friend that takes me out for coffee. Everything that is mine I share with her, and when she goes to work I baby sit her dog. She felt like she owed me and I would never accept her money. The other day she knocks on my door and hands me a guitar.


I think to myself, “Great….how am I going to find time to learn guitar?”

I never told her until this afternoon what this meant to me.

When I was little I had a horrible babysitter. I wanted her to stop abusing me so I would bring her all of my gifts but it never worked. I later found myself creating the same pattern as an adult.

I normally would not accept a gift, not like this. I kept telling her I would hold it for her, or she could pawn it, but deep down inside I really wanted to keep it.


I finally accepted the gift as mine and I cried. She is a professional flute player and I told her a story about when I was young I asked my parents to buy me a flute so I could join the music club at school. We didn’t have the money and I didn’t ever get the flute.

I use to be annoyed when my younger brother was able to get a Clarinet. He eventually learned how to play music.

I had two friends in high school, Jason and Kevin. We had a make shift garage band. I tried to play bass but I just didn’t get base. I would write all the lyrics though for our songs and they really rocked. Kevin was exceptional.

I told my friend, “The first song I want to learn is Cats in the Cradle”.

Then she tells me the story of the guitar.

The guitar was given to me from Cordell Crockett.

Ugly Kid Joe did a re-make of Cats In The Cradle.


I’m going to tell him what you said, so he will come over and teach you how to play that song.

Did anyone ever notice all the exciting things that happen in this little Chapel Perilous? So guess what! Cordell came over tonight and met me. I showed him this site and what I was working on. I had Falefels, hammos, Tabuleh, Beef & Chicken Shawarma & Kabobs with Baklava for desert.


Cordell Crockett worked on Tails from the Alley….Hear Kitty Kitty. Between you and I, watch for Johnny Cat…… launching a world wide tour in March 2010. In the meantime, he agreed to teach me guitar….beginning with Cats in the Cradle 🙂

Hear Kitty Kitty Official Website

MySpace Hear Kitty Kitty Los Angeles

MySpace Hear Kitty Kitty Rock

FaceBook Hear Kitty Kitty

SonicBids Hear Kitty Kitty

ITunes Hear Kitty Kitty

Reverb Nation Hear Kitty Kitty

Twitter for Hear Kitty Kitty


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