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November 5, 2009


APTOPIX Fort Hood Shootings

Today there is breaking news from Fort Hood, Texas. 45,000 soldiers are getting accounted for, the gates are closed, and reducing the friction and uncertainty on the largest active duty posts in the United States.  The information is sketchy, it looks as if military soldiers are responsible for opening fire on their own. Major Nidal Malik Hasan, has always been Muslim, six-figure income, 39-40 year old Army Major, is a psychiatrist recently reassigned from DC.  He had a poor performance evaluation and did not want to be deployed to the middle east since 9/11. He was in a conference with several news people and he suggested the Muslims should stand up and fight against the aggressor. He made comments to individuals how we should not be in the war, and when there was a shooting at the Little Rock recruitment center that he was happy about it. He was born in Virginia, single, never married, received Bachelors from Virginia Tech, and was in the ROTC program. He was in a fire fight with  civilian police officers in the soldier readiness center. Armed with two handguns. Quick response of the police force helped keep down the killings, but two other suspects are in custody have now been released.  Bases are targeted regularly, but this is unclear what the motive is yet. I have heard 31 people are wounded, 12 dead, so there is multiple reloads and the investigation continues. A news conference is pending. Nidal made his views well known about the US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. There was an internal investigation, but nothing has been released. Over the time that President Obama not bringing home the troops, made him more agitated and various confrontations with other soldiers regarding his views on the war. The question everyone is asking is why was he transferred from Walter Reed to Fort Hood. He was known as a loner. When he would argue with other military soldiers who had sons and daughters deployed the fights were heated after his beliefs were made known and he was called a Rag Head. There is suspicion of him having alcohol and drug addictions. His family is shocked, born and raised in America, was considered a good American. The only thing they can figure out is he was deployed to the war, and he did not tell his family, according to his cousin Nader Hasan. He is NOT DEAD, but in custody.

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