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A Woman Sentenced to Death Pleas for Her Life

October 30, 2009

I covered this story by putting it in The Tweets Report awhile ago. I saw this on Twitter tonight and flipped out! Not again! Oh….it’s the same story….. Not Yet. She hasn’t died yet! I’m really getting hardened by this job. I’m expecting nothing to happen to save her. I have no faith in the Iranian Government to enlighten themselves over night after imprisoning her for fighting off her rapist. I hear Israel is getting ready to bomb Iran:

An Attack on Iran in the works? 

So what is happening to the people there? Why are we not doing anything to stop it? We have our own American Hikers. Al Gore was able to get his reporters (our American Citizens) out of North Korea, and President Bill Clinton went there and brought them home! Yeah! I cheered, but I also heard we set a precedent, what did we give up behind the scenes, and we sent a President of the United States! Shouldn’t that have been Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s job? I’m sure she had helped by allowing her husband to do this. I would support it, but only if he can do it again? Can he? Can he go get the American Hikers?

Should we create a petition to send President Obama, President Clinton, Vice-President Gore, send it in and beg to bring them home? Will it matter? What is next in our policies with Iran? How are we going to help the people? They are ready, they have sacrificed, and they are willing to die for Freedom. Now what do we do? That’s the question…..that’s the real question now. War is on the horizon, and I feel it. I’m always pretty clear about these things.

I was laying outside one day in the sun (I never lay in the sun) and I was thinking how nice it was to be in the world while there was relative peace. My fiance at the time walked by and said, “What are you doing?” I said, “I’m enjoying the world right now before the war starts.” He walked away. The next day was 9/11. I asked him, “What did you think when I said that to you yesterday?” He said, “I didn’t know what to think, you just creeped me out.”

Well, take a good look at Mrs. Mohabbat Mahmoudi, because I have one of those feelings again….and she’s going to die. Many more will too… many women, children, innocent men will continue to hang in the streets until we are repulsed and say we demand that this madness stops now!  So let me creep you out, just take a good look at Mrs. Mohabbat Mahmoudi…..I’ll be sure to let you know when she hangs in the street, in front of her children who will only have that moment to see their mother alive. I pray I am wrong, please prove me wrong!  

This is from Persian 2 English Blog on WordPress

The death sentence for Mrs. Mohabbat Mahmoudi who has endured nine years of prison has been confirmed by Iran’s Supreme Court. She has written a letter to Iranian citizens asking for help for her and her family.

According to Herana News, quoting Kurdistan’s human rights group, Mrs. Mahmoudi has been spending time in Orumieh prison since 2000 for killing a man who attempted to sexually assault her. This sentence is about to be carried out.

According to reports, both wives of the victim have expressed their opposition to the execution, but the brother of the victim has not given his consent and is asking for capital punishment.

Mohabbat Mahmoudi, through a letter to the human rights center of Kurdistan, has described what she has gone through in the past nine years:
The complete content of the letter is as follows:

My name is Mohabbat Mahmoudi, daughter of Esmail. I have been convicted of murder and have endured nine years of imprisonment in central Orumieh prison. I was born in a religious family in the village of Soureman. My parents were farmers. I spent the first few years of my life with my parents but a few years later while my father was still alive, my older brother was assigned to take care of us. He would ruthlessly order us around and force his will upon us and no one in the family dared to protest. At the age of 12, they married me to my cousin. In my husband’s family, because of their step mother and their financial troubles, there was always verbal bickering. I have five sons from my marriage.
When my older son reached the age of 16, I decided to make a family for him. My other sons at that time were still in elementary school.

Shortly after my son got married, a new neighbor showed up who would bother me. My son and his wife had no idea about this man and his actions and I did not disclose anything. I tried very hard in a very humane way to convince the man not to bother me, but to no avail. One day he knocked on our door. My eight year old son opened the door for him. He quickly entered the house and started attacking me with a black knife. No one heard my screams. He said he could do anything to me and no one can take any action against him. He stabbed me on my head, ears, and my hands. I still have the scars from that incident. In order to scare him off, I picked up a gun we had in the house and pointed it at him, but suddenly the gun went off and the bullet hit his head and he fell. I didn’t know what happened to him. I quickly ran to my husband’s house and informed them about the incident. At the same time my brother came over and told me that he had gone to the police and straightened everything out. He then assured me that I will go to prison for no more than three months. The same brother who had messed up my life, deceived me and took me to the police. The police sent me to prison without asking any questions or interrogating me.

The victim’s family were rich smugglers. They quickly turned the case in their favour by conspiring with the police. This is while they were not even present during the incident, and I didn’t even know them.

Nine years have passed and I am still enduring my imprisonment. My hardship is not just about the prison. On one hand, I have no integrity left. On the other hand, the life and fate of my children has been needlessly destroyed. Because of my condition, the children have lost many years of school. Also all my relatives and even my husband have turned their backs on me and they do not follow up with my case. I am enduring my imprisonment without any financial help or visitors. Although, once in a while my husband and my children come for a visit and give me some of their hard-earned money. When I look at their faces I feel very guilty about the conditions they live in, but I know that I have no choice but to stay strong.

In prison I have contracted some illnesses like migraines, sinus problems, asthma, and sever heart problems. But I am happy that with my little knowledge of the written language, I have been able to read the Quran, feeling closer to God. I knit in prison and make a little bit of money. There are many people like myself in prison who are as miserable as me. But no one can hear us. We have to bear it all because we cannot do anything else. There is no justice here. I have spent nine years in prison under these conditions. After years of suspense, finally they have issued a sentence to carry out an “eye for an eye.”  This sentence was approved in Tehran, but after the protests, the “eye for an eye” sentence was rejected and a new trial was set up. Unfortunately, the higher court again reinstated the “eye for an eye” sentence, but I still have not received the documents for this sentence. Even in court, the judge didn’t even ask me any questions. He only said, “Why did you commit first degree murder? didn’t you know that the punishment is execution?”  He didn’t even let me talk. All he knew was that I committed murder, but he never asked why and how this murder took place; only the plaintiffs were allowed to talk.

They insulted me loudly and were grabbing the court’s attention this way. Defending my integrity was the last thing on the judge’s mind. This year the prosecutor said that I could be freed with a $10,000 bail. I was hoping that I could leave my misery for a while and spend time with my husband and children. My children put together $3000 by borrowing and using their own money. They gave the money to an owner of a house for the rental of his deed. Unfortunately the owner of the house embezzled them out of their money and the prosecutor did not stand by his words.

After my mom and dad passed away, I asked my brother to give me my portion of the will so I could have enough money to pass my time in jail and also to use part of it to pay back the money my children had borrowed for the deed. My brother did not even spare a woman in jail and did not give me my share of the will. I don’t know what I should expect anymore. I am not just thinking of myself. I am thinking about the bleak future of my children. I don’t know how they have survived with no mother throughout these years and what they will do from now on.

Why and how should I endure this injustice? Why doesn’t anyone speak out? Where are the human rights lawyers? Where is all the noise they were making about human rights? What crime have I committed besides defending my integrity? Why should an “eye for an eye” sentence be issued for an unintentional murder? Why doesn’t the sleeping conscious of the people wake up? Why doesn’t anyone sympathize for me and my children? What are they waiting for? Why is justice so out of reach?

At the end, I ask the people of Iran, the defenders of human rights and the awakened consciousness of people, that if anyone is willing to help out, please contact us at the address below.

آدرس: ارومیه – فلکه آبیاری – روبروی آتش نشانی – خیابان مصطفی زاده – دیزج سیاوش – کوچه 14 – ته کوچه، سمت راست – بن بست اول – پلاک 242 – منزل حیدر جلیلی

Telephone: 3451983- 0441
شماره همراه: ( 09144482612 ) و ( 09149394753)



محبت محمودی که پس از تحمل 9 سال زندان سرانجام حکم قطعی اعدامش توسط دیوان عالی کشور تایید شده است با ارسال نامه ای خطاب به مردم ایران، خواستار کمک به خود و خانواده اش شد.

به گزارش خبرگزاری هرانا به نقل از حقوق بشر کردستان، خانم محمودی از سال 1379 به جرم قتل مردی که قصد تجاوز به وی را داشت در زندان مرکزی ارومیه دوران محکومیت خود را می گذراند.
این زن متاهل پس از تحمل 9 سال زندان سرانجام توسط دادگاه ارومیه در آستانه ی اعدام قرار گرفت که حکم قطعی اعدام او توسط دیوان عالی نیز تایید گردید. تایید حکم اعدام نامبرده توسط دیوان عالی در 20 تیر ماه سال جاری در زندان ارومیه به وی ابلاغ گردید که با دستور قوه ی قضائیه به اجرا در خواهد آمد.

شنیده ها حاکی از آن است که تا کنون هر دو همسر مرد مقتول مخالفت خود را با اعدام محبت اعلام کرده اند اما برادر مقتول رضایت نداده و خواهان اجرای حکم اعدام است.

محبت محمودی با ارسال نامه ای به دبیرخانه سازمان دفاع از حقوق بشر کردستان و ضمن اشاره به آنچه که در طی این سالها بر او رفته است از مردم ایران تقاضای کمک نمود.

متن کامل نامه ی محبت محمودی بدین شرح است:

اینجانب محبت محمودی فرزند اسماعیل که به جرم قتل، پس از تحمل 9 سال حبس در زندان مرکزی ارومیه، به قصاص محکوم شده ام در خانواده ای با ایمان و مذهبی در روستای صورمان (منطقه ای در سرو) به دنیا آمدم. پدر و مادرم کشاورز بودند. سالهای ابتدایی زندگی ام را در کنار خانواده ام سپری نمودم اما چند سال بعد با وجود اینکه پدرم در قید حیات بود، اختیار و سرپرستی همه ی ما را به عهده ی برادرم که از بقیه مان بزرگتر بود گذاشتند. برادری که هم خونی را اصلا در خود احساس نمی کرد. او بی رحمانه و زورگویانه هر چیزی را دستور می داد و به ما تحمیل می کرد. کسی هم در خانواده جرات اعتراض کردن به وی را نداشت. تا اینکه در سن 12 سالگی مرا به عقد پسردایی ام در آورد. در خانواده ی همسرم به دلیل عدم سازگاری نامادری شان و مساعد نبودن وضعیت مالی شان همیشه مشاجره و بحث و جدل بود. محصول ازدواج من و همسرم پنج فرزند پسر بود. زمانیکه پسر بزرگم به سن 16 سالگی رسید تصمیم گرفتم که برایش تشکیل خانواده بدهم. آن زمان پسران دیگرم هنوز در دوره ی ابتدایی تحصیل می کردند. مدتی بعد از ازدواج پسرم، سر و کله ی یک مرد مزاحم در همسایگی ما پیدا شد. پسر و عروسم از مزاحمت های آن مرد هیچ اطلاعی نداشتند. من هم چیزی به آنها بروز ندادم. تلاش زیادی کردم تا با رفتاری انسانی به او بفهمانم که دست از مزاحمت بردارد اما فایده ای نداشت. روزی در منزل ما را زد. یکی از پسرهایم که هشت سال بیشتر نداشت در را برایش باز کرد. او به سرعت وارد خانه شد و با یک چاقوی دو سر مشکی به سمت من حمله ور شد. صدای فریادهای مرا کسی نمی شنید. او می گفت هر کاری که دلش بخواهد می تواند انجام دهد و هیچ کس هم نمی تواند علیه او اقدامی نماید. با چاقو ضرباتی را به سر، گوش و دستانم زد که هنوز آثار آن بر روی بدن من باقی است. لذا برای حفظ آبرویم و ترساندن او اسلحه ای را که در خانه داشتیم برداشتم و به سمت او گرفتم اما ناگهان گلوله شلیک شد و به سرش اصابت نمود و بر زمین افتاد. نفهمیدم چه بر سرش آمده. با سرعت خودم را به منزل برادر همسرم رساندم و جریان را به آنها اطلاع دادم. در همین حین برادرم نیز به آنجا آمد. او گفت که جریان را فهمیده است، به آگاهی رفته و کارهایم را درست کرده است. برادرم به من اطمینان داد که بیشتر از سه ماه در زندان نخواهم ماند. همان برادر ظالمی که سیاه بختم کرد با دروغ و نیرنگ مرا به آگاهی برد. در آگاهی بدون هیچ سوال و بازجویی ای مرا روانه ی زندان کردند.
خانواده ی مقتول، قاچاقچی و ثروتمند بودند. آنها با…. آگاهی و چند نفر به عنوان شاهد ماجرا، سیر پرونده را به نفع خود تغییر دادند. در صورتیکه هنگام حادثه این شاهدان اصلا آنجا حضور نداشتند و برای خود بنده نیز کاملا ناشناخته بودند.
امسال نزدیک 9 سال است که از این جریان می گذرد و من حبسم را تحمل می نمایم. سختی من فقط تحمل زندان نیست. از یک طرف آبرویی برای من باقی نمانده است. از طرف دیگر زندگی و سرنوشت فرزندانم بی هیچ دلیلی تباه شده است. آنها به خاطر شرایط و موقعیت من از تحصیلشان عقب افتاده اند. از دیگر سو تمام فامیل های خودم و همسرم نیز از ما روی گردانده اند و پشت مرا خالی کرده اند. آنها اصلا دنبال کارهای من نیستند. بنده بدون خرجی و ملاقات، زندان را تحمل می کنم. البته گهگاهی فرزندانم و همسرم به ملاقاتم می آیند و پول کارگری خودشان را که با هزار بدبختی به دست می آورند به من می دهند. زمانیکه به چهره ی آنها نگاه می کنم به خاطر شرایطی که در آن به سر می برند و به خاطر سرنوشتشان به شدت دچار عذاب وجدان می شوم اما می دانم چاره ای جز تحمل ندارم. در زندان مبتلا به بیماریهایی همچون سینوزیت، میگرن، آسم و ناراحتی شدید قلبی شده ام. به هیچ کدام از مشکلاتم در زندان رسیدگی نمی شود. از طرفی خوشحال هستم چون در اینجا با سواد کمی که دارم موفق به نزدیکی با خدا، خواندن قرآن کریم و ختم آن شده ام. بافتنی از سرگرمی های من در زندان است که البته منبع درآمدی برای بنده نیز محسوب می شود که بخشی از هزینه هایم را در زندان از این طریق تامین می نمایم.
انسانهای بدبخت و زجر کشیده ی زیادی مثل من در زندان هستند اما کسی نیست که صدایمان را بشنود. مجبوریم فقط تحمل کنیم چون کار دیگری از دست ما بر نمی آید. اینجا از عدالت هیچ خبری نیست. مدت نه سال است که در زندان وضعم اینگونه است. بعد از سالها بلاتکلیف بودن بالاخره حکم قصاص برای بنده صادر شد. این حکم مورد تایید و موافقت مقامات در تهران قرار گرفت اما پس از اعتراض، حکم قصاص را رد و دستور دادگاهی مجدد صادر نمودند. این دادگاه آخر، متاسفانه همان حکم قصاص را صادر نمود. البته فعلا حکمی به دست من نرسیده است. حتی هنگام حضور در دادگاه، قاضی اصلا از من سوالی نمی پرسید. تنها حرف او این بود که چرا قتل عمد انجام دادی؟! مگر نمی دانستی که حکمش اعدام است؟ قاضی اصلا به من مجال صحبت کردن نمی داد. آنجا فقط شاکیان پرونده اجازه ی حرف زدن داشتند. آنها هم با سر و صدا و توهین و بی احترامی توجه همه را به جلسه دادگاه جلب می کردند. هرکس هم که در جلسه دادگاه حضور پیدا می کرد تنها می دانست که من مرتکب قتل شده ام اما هیچ وقت متوجه چرایی و علت این قتل نمی شد چون به من اجازه ی حرف زدن داده نمی شد. دفاع از ناموس و حیثیت برای دادگاه کمترین اهمیتی نداشت.
در سال 88 (سالجاری)، دادستان محترم استان آذربایجان غربی اعلام کردند که با قرار وثیقه ی یکصد میلیون تومانی می توانم آزاد شوم. امیدوار بودم که بدینوسیله بتوانم کمی از عذاب و سختی بیرون بیایم و تا مدتی در کنار فرزندان و همسرم باشم. فرزندام با قرض و پول کارگری بالاخره مبلغ سه میلیون تومان تهیه کردند که برای کرایه ی سند و گرو گذاشتن آن در اختیار صاحبش قرار بدهیم. متاسفانه صاحب سند تمام سه میلیون تومان را با کلاهبرداری بالا کشید. دادستان نیز با تهیه ی سند دیگری به وعده ی خود عمل نکرد.
بعد از فوت پدر و مادرم از برادرم خواستم که سهم الارث مرا بدهد تا بتوانم با استفاده از آن هزینه های خود را در زندان تامین نمایم و هم بدهی کسانی را که خانواده ام از آنها پول بابت کرایه ی سند قرض کرده بودند را بدهم. برادرم به من که یک زندانی هستم رحم نکرد. او حق مرا پایمال کرد و هیچ وقت سهم مرا از ارثیه ی پدری نداد. با این اوصاف نمی دانم از دیگران چه انتظاری می توانم داشته باشم.
من در حال حاضر تنها به فکر خودم نیستم. نگران سرنوشت و آینده ی مبهم فرزندانم هستم. نمی دانم تمام این سالها را چگونه بدون مادر زیسته اند و از این پس چه خواهند کرد؟ چرا و چگونه باید چنین بی عدالتی ای را تحمل نمایم؟ چرا هیچ صدایی از کسی بلند نمی شود؟ پس کجایند مدافعان حقوق بشر؟ چه شد آن همه سر و صدا و فریاد در دفاع از حقوق بشر؟ مگر گناه من چیزی غیر از دفاع از ناموس و حیثیت خویش است؟ چرا باید با این گناه غیر عمد و… برای من حکم قصاص صادر شود؟ چرا وجدانهای خوابیده ی این ملت بیدار نمی شوند؟ چرا کسی کمترین ترحم و دلسوزی در حق من و فرزندانم نمی کند؟ منتظر نشسته اند که ید بیضاء از کدامین آستین بیرون بیاید؟ چرا عدالت اینگونه دور از دسترس شده است؟

در پایان از مردم ایران، مدافعان حقوق بشر و وجدانهای بیدار تقاضا می کنم که اگر کسی قصد کمک به من و خانواده ام را دارد می تواند از طریق آدرس و یا شماره های زیر با خانواده ام در ارتباط باشد.

آدرس: ارومیه – فلکه آبیاری – روبروی آتش نشانی – خیابان مصطفی زاده – دیزج سیاوش – کوچه 14 – ته کوچه، سمت راست – بن بست اول – پلاک 242 – منزل حیدر جلیلی

شماره تلفن: 3451983- 0441
شماره همراه: ( 09144482612 ) و ( 09149394753)

بنده نیز در زندان مرکزی ارومیه در بند نسوان با نام محبت محمودی فرزند اسماعیل محبوس می باشم

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    October 31, 2009 6:36 pm

    This is outrageous. I dont know why we cooperate with Iran in anything they are a bunch of lunatics! There terrorist leaders I mean not all the people there under the leadership. This is unacceptable and whomever is in charge should be dealt with by our MILITARY!!!

  2. October 31, 2009 6:40 pm

    Again they should be dealt with swiftly by our MILITARY I am sick of these bully thinking they can rape and abuse anyone they please thats right we have the power to bad if you dont like it. Go escort her out!

  3. ADEJKLMNORSTUZA permalink
    October 31, 2009 9:12 pm

    An eye for an eye was already satisfied by the deed, in as much as the man was in the wrong in the first place,If he had not bin a threat she would have not had to defend herself. In this country we have the right to sovereignty in our dwelling space at least where this subject is concerned, they (referring to the factions interested in controlling the masses for there own survivability) haven’t managed to abridge that freedom yet. we the people (referring to those of us interested in acquiring and maintaining our individual sovereinty) can not continue to allow these kind of atrocities ether in our country or any other. We will never achieve peace on earth as long as there are people who are allowed to abuse and bully others, be them an individual or government !. This woman who is the real victom should have never bin sent to prison in the first place.

  4. October 31, 2009 10:20 pm

    Thank you for all of your comments. I understand and share your rage. Is money going to save her? Do we need to do a fund raiser drive? I’m willing to sponsor. I have a pay pal account, we could figure something out. I need to make sure the money went directly to a lawyer that is inside? Anything you think we can do….I’ll work on it.


  5. ANGEl......... permalink
    November 1, 2009 3:07 pm

    is my prayer that oneday a man should rape the daughter or a wife of this judge so he can enjoy the law of an eye for an eye.
    why can’t some people in this world think and make a better place for living. if the judge still aprove the execution of this poor woman, then am calling the wrath of God on this judge and the makers of an eye for an eye. Since my whole life Yawell has not failed me and i know He wount fail me.
    the lawyer’s and the Government of Irag must boldly stand up against these things if only they have sense of hummour.
    no one should judge any body to death because you are not God and you too will die one day. may God punishe them if they kill this woman. may they die like a dog and never have peace here and after. AMEN

    • November 1, 2009 3:35 pm

      I understand your anger and your passion. I know this is going to be a radical idea to you, but when I am filled with such emotions – I pray for my enemies. In praying for my enemies, I pray that what burdens their mind be lifted, that God shows them the error of their ways, and that when their spirits are right with God, they do Gods work and in doing so, release others from their previous evil actions. So if we pray for our enemies, if we pray for Mrs. Mohabbat Mahmoudi enemies, maybe they will have a change of heart, and return her safely to her family and end the atrocities of those who follow behind her.

  6. russ permalink
    November 1, 2009 8:27 pm

    How Do We Help?

  7. November 1, 2009 9:03 pm

    I need to discuss this with a trusted source. I think we could raise money for an attorney inside the country. I’ll get back to you on this. Thanks for the question though!

  8. March 24, 2010 4:58 pm

    I was in Iran just last June after 26 yrs. I could not believe what I was seeing with my own eyes on how women is being pressed and mistreated. Specially seeing it in a country where women at one time way before Kings were ruling Persia were in charge and had power to make decisions.

    • March 24, 2010 7:21 pm

      Thank you for sharing your experience, it is very difficult for people to understand if it isn’t being discussed by people in the know.

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