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No Honor In Murder

October 27, 2009

I never saw a stupider animal than a Turkey. Did you know the Tom Turkey is so worried about being the only male over the females that he kills the baby Turkeys? He doesn’t even have to eat his own children, because they find plenty of ways to die all on their own. They walk through a mud puddle and drown.

In America, there is 200 children murdered by the hands of their parents attributed solely to the practice of Honor. Somehow, when two people decide they are civilized and educated enough to raise a child, they forgot that they are giving the world a gift. You can not possess the spirit of a human soul.

Children come through you but they are not you.

Nurturing, care, feedings, providing, sacrificing, loving, protecting, raising, teaching, listening, loving, accepting, the human being. The child is a human being. Parents are noble, honored, respected as they earn the right to be.

Stop the madness and think back to when you were a child. The world was very cut and dry. You knew right from wrong because nobody had explained to you how to negotiate (validate the belief system that had been imposed upon you)…..yet.

Recently in the news, there was a young lady. Her father was very upset with her because she refused to marry the man he had chosen for her. She instead defied her father (as he thought) and lived with her boyfriend’s mother.

In reality, there was Romeo & Juliette, who was forbidden by others to be happy and love each other as their spirits saw fit. The people who witnessed true love were so jealous of their ability to find what their hearts yearned to experience, that they made their life impossible to continue walking the earth in front of them, flaunting their ability to be truly happy.

So the father ran his daughter over in the parking lot.

Father runs over ‘Westernised’ daughter

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