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Female Blogger Version of Hannity & Colmes

October 24, 2009

Just admit it conservatives….we all miss Alan Colmes!

Rupert Murdoch listens!
Rupert Murdoch Honored With Human Relations Award

How do I know Rupert Murdoch listens? Two words: Glenn Beck. Besides that, I knew the day I wrote into the  Hannity & Colmes show. There was awhile where Hannity would remark that everyone was there to see him and he would always end the show saying something derogatory towards Alan. I had enough. Being conservative does not mean you can be a bully and I wrote in! I swear, the next day Sean stopped. I don’t know if 1 e mail counts as 10,000 or if we all just were embarressed but I was so glad Sean stopped.

Maybe Sean Hannity listens! He does have the Hate Hannity Hotline. That was my only beef with him. Other than that, I think he is a pretty open minded individual. What! What did i just say! Yes, I do! Before Alan left, Hannity had his own program on the weekends, and he had a segment that he gave as much time to as all the others. The segment was titled “Beyond Belief”. He still showcases paranormal events here and there on his new Hannity show (with out Alan). He covers everything from UFO’s to ghosts, and he actually doesn’t say what he thinks either way. We know he is a good Catholic, and god bless him. I know he is a smart guy, and he isn’t going to just take anything at face value. He can’t admit it, but he can. He does….he created that segment, and I applaud him for having the courage to put it out there, among us conservatives.

You’re going to notice this blog have some articles that probably do not sound like me. That’s because they are not! I brought in Alan Colmes! Oh not really, I brought in Amarie Wilcox! You will know her posts from mine with the (AW) at the end, or perhaps the liberal slant. I’m not saying I’m a good conservative, and I’m not saying she’s a good liberal. I am saying that there is a difference and I welcome her point of view.

We may disagree, or agree to disagree, or even really behind the scenes, agree. I’m not telling. I just think we are going into uncharted waters here….and it’s going to be fun! I hope that she doesn’t leave like Colmes did. I never did figure out if Hannity’s ratings went up overall. I bet though, they did. Conservative principles work in a capitalist society. XD….liberal views need government funding. I think that explains our differences right there.

I’ll let (AW) speak for herself! I always thought Alan Colmes had good points, and was a great thinker and human being. As I once heard from my former employer, “It takes all kinds to run a horse race”.

Let’s roll!

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