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Welcome New Blogger Amarie Wilcox!

October 20, 2009

This is the ad I posted-looking for another me!

Isn’t She PERFECT!

I am looking to mentor a writer. I grew up in a small town in Washington. I would have loved it if someone had posted an ad in the news papers back then looking for this opportunity. No money generated, but I need help because there is so much work.

If you are an energetic, aspiring, take no prisoners, ready for defending your point of view, be willing to stand on your principles, and have a desire so big to do something important in your life that you don’t know where to go or how to get there……then contact me, and we can discuss how you can help me build this website and if it generates enough revenue, create your own position in the future should things work out well between us.

I can review your ideas, edit your work, have you edit after my suggestions, or just take it as is. This is a lot of fun, but it is for serious commitment. You must want to change the world for the better to contact me…..because I am busy changing the world for the better. Reading what you write soon! Be conscious of that!


You must have had 100 responses by now to your Craigslist Ad about wanting a mentoree to help with your website. Even though I am a few days behind, I am taking a chance that maybe this role has not been filled yet? Please, let me tell you a little about myself and why this would be a perfect match either way.

I have recently changed professions, currently dubbing myself as “a writer”. My present situation is that I have a lot of ideas and have never been so satisfied with what I am doing professionally. I am still very passionate about making this a lifelong career but in desparate need of help to figure out where to start. Most recently, I have been working on getting some blurbs published for travel sites, thus making my new-found profession sustainable, and thereby letting me do some more serious work. I would like some more information on what type of blog we would be working on together, but it sounds to be at least a little more meaty than travel blurbs. Being able to work with someone who is a writer and has already gotten a foothold is pay enough for me (for now!).
My past experience: I graduated with my BA in Political Science and from Law School. Then, I went back to my hometown and worked as a Public Defender. Next, I worked for the State Legislature for one and a half years (under a Republican for one session and a Democrat for another session, and yes, I have met Sarah Palin). I moved to another state because I needed some blue-state clarity after my time with the legislature in a Red state,(a powerful but disheartenning experience). I worked in HR and then as a Public Defender in Municipal Court. I was not happy in this profession, but I still have to admit that Public Defense is not too shabby as a fall back career. I needed something different, maybe even something bigger, but had no idea what I needed. I am fascinated with human nature, the nature of governments, do we thrive on conflict or would “world peace” be the actual end of us? I did not know how to achieve making this passion into a career, but I did know I was not finding answers as a Public Defender. In pursuit of “answers”, I joined Peace Corps and went to Lesotho, Africa to teach Math and Science to High School students. It is the best education I have ever had and I never want to stop learning in this fashion. I left Peace Corps, having gained all I could handle from that experience. I backpacked through South Africa for 3 weeks before returning to the US. I saw the South African Townships, the effects of apartheid, and even made friends with some Boers (the white people) whose story is an unexplored facet to apartheid’s end. The lightbulb went on, I should write about this stuff! The click was almost audible. I worked on writing through the summer but with minimal results. I started feeling restless so, last month, I found a cheap ticket and went to Rio de Janeiro to backpack there for three weeks. I saw the infamous slums, made friends with some indigenous people (think Brazil’s Native Americans) who had a unique view of Brazil, and went to a soccer game (in American English it is still called soccer!). This can be fodder for travel websites, but I want to do so much more with my experiences abroad. And, having help from someone who is already a writer is exactly what is missing from my plan. Please, contact me as soon as you can. Finding your ad must have been fated.

Her first contribution is found in A Bout of Passion!


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