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What Are Human Rights?

October 19, 2009

My Tweets have sent direct messages from all over the globe to share this with you. I asked them to keep me posted if something was important, and I received these messages to post for you.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Updated Today In:

The Tweet Report

Azad University Rises Against Coup Government
To the West: Don't sacrifice democracy with Iran

Before Explosion

Before Explosion

Twitpic of truck bomb
Iran mourns dozens killed in militant attack

Canadian journalist released from Tehran prison

White House Misread Russia on Iran
Iranian bloggers win major press award
Egypt criticises Hamas over unity deal delay – report
Iran Guards chief threatens U.S., Britain after attack
Iraqi honey industry battling to regain its buzz

The Mujahedin-e Khalq in Iraq
Ahmad Zeidabadi still banned from visits (FA) (Not English)


iranbaan Zeidabadi’s wife: It’s been 35 days that we have no news of Mr. Zeidabadi. They don’t even allow a phone call. #iran
8 minutes ago from web
iranbaan Ahmad Zeidabadi still banned from visits (FA) #iran
iranbaan … To get his signature, my husband has gone through tortures extend of which are unknown to us. #iran
8 minutes ago from web
iranbaan …The legal right of visiting has turned into a torture weapon. On one side they bother him & on the other me & my children #iran

RT @manic77 It’s a small group students protesting today. I don’t know if a video is a good #iran #iranelection
about 2 hours ago from Twittelator
RT @manic77 More basiji students coming to Amir Kabir UNI. Sec guards standing outside the entrance of UNI. #iran #iranelection


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