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What’s so bad about Sarah Palin?

October 16, 2009

I find the views on Sarah Palin are only comparable to the views people have about President George W. Bush #43. I am glad to see that on Saturday Night Live, everyone is fair game: Mrs. Ahmadinejad on Saturday Night Live.

Women who are that hot are never asked out by men and often talked about behind her back by other women. This is a standard phenomena in any circle you roll with. Sarah Palin had pictures taken of her view from the podium through her legs. Do you think that would have flown with Margaret Thatcher?

Princess Diana got a pass, because her husband apparently was in love with Camilla, so we all pitied the mother of two boys who ran around the world doing good deeds, while we killed her watching every move she made. If we weren’t watching, the paparazzi would never have chased Dodi Fayed’s car into a cement wall in the tunnel. There is a really great book written by my cousin Krandall Kraus and life partner Paul Borja that explains this:It's Never About What It's About: What We Learned About Living While Waiting to Die
I told my company once I was the Sarah Palin of the company. The response was it takes all kinds to run a horse race.

Why do I think she is not stupid? First, I know the difference between Tina Fey and Sarah Palin. I love Tina’s show on 30 Rock, very brilliant. Her imitation of Sarah was really good, but Tina took over the persona of Sarah, and persuaded many people to regard her as a hick, frankly. I shouldn’t even bring attention to this link, but if this doesn’t exemplify what I am saying about how Sarah was the focus of constant media attacks, then nothing will. Besides, some of you who really hate her will love to see her degraded here, but whose side are they on? They are attacking Tina Fey too. Just as Tina said on 30 Rock while she was going to a strip club with her male staff….”All right! Let’s go watch mothers, sisters, and daughters take their clothes off…whoo hoo!”
Let’s See Tina Fey Do This!

The city’s on the coasts, they tend to run very blue, and it is not a normal thing to hear anyone speak of supporting a Republican candidate running for office. I might as well lived in Amsterdam when I said I supported a Republican candidate. I have worked on Democrat, Independent, Green and Libertarian campaigns too, but people can not believe I vote for the person, not the party. I like to debate so I roll with the punches.

The fly over states, that’s what they call the people in the middle of the country….they get her. They loved her. They showed up for the rally, and she did energize Senator McCain’s party. I don’t think that there was anyone in the world who could have beat President Obama. The time had come, the youth were voting, the machine adjusted for the new ways of getting things done, and he is the first President of the United States to carry a Blackberry. That’s kind of cool.

I don’t think carrying a Blackberry though is as awesome as knowing how to shoot your own guns, any size, for any reason. I think it’s cool that she knows how to fish, and actually do all the gutting and skinning required when you bring home your own food. I think it’s cool that she hunts, I think it’s cool that her husband title: First Dude. I think it’s really cool he is a snow mobile extreme sport racer and wins, even when he breaks his arm and crosses the finish line.

I don’t know what it is about us farm girls that make people so nervous that we carry a concealed weapons permit. I got mine right after 9/11. I believe a safe country is an armed one. I leave my guns back home on the farm though, because the laws are not the same from state to state and even though I registered with the FBI, I am not registered in each state I travel. I don’t know the laws well enough from one state to the next, so I would never risk making a person nervous or breaking any laws.

I had an uncle that was really cool. I miss him terribly. He would build us potato guns and we could shoot walnuts or anything out of it. Different sizes and shapes of ammunition. He also would take me to Steel Shooting Competitions. Imagine about 100 people showing up, and about 25 booths. You wait your turn keeping your gun in your lock box. Safety is the #1 issue. Then when it is your turn you go up to the table. Take your gun out, yell that it is hot. Put your bullets in and a little tape recorder machine placed near the ear. You have protective gear on, impossible to hear from far away, therefore when you hear the high pitch beep you know when to start and stop. You have a minute to shoot the pattern of the steel. If you hit it, the paint goes flying off, they count how many times you hit the different targets, or if you hit the right ones, and then score you at the end. Before the next person shoots, the moderator goes over the steel targets with a can of spray paint and the target is ready for shooting. I would come in around 46. I felt good about it though. You always do because the men out number the women competing, so it’s not men against women, it’s yourself against yourself. Everyone encourages you to learn the ability to shoot well. People are nice there too, they’ll let you try their gun out incase you’re thinking of buying one like theres. I tried out a 45 that was the best shot I ever had with a gun. You can go to swap meets to and purchase them. It’s strange, because there is no waiting time there, but the laws probably have changed by now, I haven’t been there in years.

Back home, I have a little friend. When Katelynn turned 5 she was given her first gun for her birthday. We didn’t think anything of it but I sure heard a lot about it in NY, NJ and CA. My friends children all had shotguns under their bed for when a burglar attacks. Everyone grew up and graduated just fine. They did eat buffalo jerky and sticks instead of beef. I didn’t like it, too gamey for me. That’s why I don’t hunt animals, I just don’t like the way they taste. I am with the Indian philosophy on that one, if I can’t use every piece of the animal, then I have no right to decide the fate.

When you drive down the street in my town, you’ll probably get passed on a windy road by some pick-up truck with a gun rack. It never bothered me to see a guy driving down the road with 5 shotguns. We did keep our eyes out though for them doing any illegal hunting out of season. Nobody liked that unless the man was not able to feed his family, then they went bow and arrow hunting on the island I grew up on. We were not allowed to shoot guns on my island.

That didn’t matter to me though. I did all my shooting at school where we had a rifle range. I was a good shot. I actually shot guns with other students in school during PE.

The guys and I would go shooting at the sand dunes after school. Whoever shot the can the least had to buy lunch at McDonald’s. My boyfriend and I never lost, so we always got a free meal.

After work, sometimes I just needed to blow off some steam. No problem, there is a shooting range about every half hour of driving. I usually drove over an hour so I had at least two places I could stop before I went home. I enjoyed that immensely. It was the same feeling I had when I was on the Back 9 at Horseshoe Lake playing golf where no one seemed to exist but a wall of trees. That was OK if you could stay on the green.

Washington was cool for other reasons too. There was a quarter mile race track right behind my place. Every Friday night, George drove his 4 cylinder turbo SVO and I drove by 5.0 GT 1989 Mustang up to the track and race head to head. We still had to figure out how fast we would go, and make sure not to breakout or redline. Ugh, that tree! I did well though, I beat everyone at least one time, and no one could believe it when I beat the Mighty Whitey by a hair. It was only a hair, but I won.

I never understood why people thought racing was so dangerous until my pollution pump blew and my car shook violently at the end of the race going 98 mph. I could drive though, I was a farm girl. I also raced stick. There was no consistency in stick, but there was no consistency in my HK 9 millimeter. I thought I was too cool for school to carry that as my back-up, and know how to race a stick shift down the quarter-mile track in 14 seconds. If I went 12 seconds I would have to wear a helmet and have a roll cage. I wasn’t into spending the money needed to do that.

Last must not least, was our weekends. We waited till night fell and went up into the woods where the fire trucks have roads paved throughout the forest in case of a fire. The state also pays to maintain a 4×4 trail throughout most of it. People show up on the weekends and play 4×4 poker, break vehicles, get stuck in the mud and generally let loose with their dirt bikes, jeeps, trucks, whatever made it through the huge mud holes. Sometimes people would come as far away as Seattle, and we would all meet in the dark of night seeing only headlights coming at us. Everyone could trust everyone, and all the video footage is pretty funny. In fact, I think I can find some…..and I did!

When I went to Alaska, I noticed everyone called the rest of the United States below Canada, “The Lower 48”. That was were I was first introduced to Wheat Grass, and fresh squeezed carrot juice! Yum. It also is where I found out that Bethel was 275 miles from Russia, that the only cement was the runway for the plane, that everything was on stilts, and that it was a dry town, meaning…no bars, no liquor, so the natives drank everything else (Lysol, cough syrup, etc). I guess they were just too far away from society to trust alone with alcohol. It was a strange land. I couldn’t believe I was so close to Nome! I remembered that children’s book the Gnome from Nome. Turns out my grandmother and mother was born in Bethel, Alaska. That is where I get my Eskimo blood from. I wonder if Eskimo’s were feisty too?

I ask you again, what was so bad about Sarah Palin? When I am with my friends, they always know I am the best wing man around, the best partner you could have for backup. I relate to Sarah Palin and as Vice President, I think she was a great backup partner too, because if anything goes down, I want to trust my elected officials to have the chutzpah to back up our country, the citizens who need our help in the world, and kick some ass.

Or else, I’m going to keep reading posts like these on Twitter:

Obama’s Iran Policy Is Misguided


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