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Scrubbies the Amazing Life Example!

October 5, 2009

Scrubbies Portrait

A True Story

Scrubbies was adopted by a single mother with two very young children under the age of 5. The kids were too little to know how to take care of a very small kitten. The children did not know that they were strong compared to Scrubbies, and hurt him when they pulled on his tail or roll around on the floor with him half smashing his tiny little kitty body.

WolfWalk Asia

One day the mother decided to ask her friend Spud if he would take Scrubbies home with him. She knew that Spud had worked on a ranch with exotic animals and would take very good care of him. Spud was really happy to have the opportunity to bring this tiny little kitten home with him. You see, Spud was an exotic animal trainer and cared for many animals. Spud was responsible for two elephants, one tiger, one rhinoceros, a bunch of monkeys, Japanese deers, wolves, horses, mules, ducks, chickens and pelicans, but Spud didn’t have a house cat!


Scrubbies grew up to be an average size black and white cat, but very daring. He loved the ranch animals and had no fear. Spud tried very hard to keep Scrubbies inside his home, but every chance Scrubbies had to fool Spud he would run out the door. Scrubbies was very good at doing this when Spud had friends over who were ignorant that Scrubbies should not be out at night on the ranch. Even though Scrubbies had very many exotic animal friends that he played with all day, the mountainous countryside had very dangerous predator animals that would love a Scrubbies Snack. There were coyotes, bears, poisonous spiders and snakes that loved to sit in the hills and look down at the ranch waiting for an animal to get loose.

Ranch hillside

Scrubbies always woke up curled around Spuds neck keeping each other warm. Scrubbies was a quiet sleeper, and only if he hadn’t had enough to do during the day to tire him out would he run around the house knocking Spuds things over – asking him to please calm down. Sometimes, when it started to get dark on the ranch the moths would get into Spuds home, and Scrubbies spent the whole night catching them one-by-one and eating them till they were gone.

Scrubbies play

Scrubbies was excited when Spud would get up to go to work, and he would run out the door as fast as he could. Scrubbies liked the elephants, there were two elephants he loved to sit and watch. Many times he would come into their pen, but the elephants would have none of it. One time Suzie picked Scrubbies up and tossed him right out of her pen. Scrubbies flew through the air, landing on the dirt, and thought…maybe I better go play with the Tiger Asia. Scrubbies would come right up to the cage, but luckily for Scrubbies, he couldn’t get in her cage. Scrubbies thought Asia was just a bigger kitty then he, but I think Asia would have chomped him in one gulp. Although you never know, Asia liked her brave animal trainers, and maybe would have just let Scrubbies sleep on her back and purr together. No one on the ranch ever wanted to find out.


Scrubbies would like to see the deer and watch anything that was happening: especially when the ranch hands were feeding the animals and taking care of them. If Scrubbies could get in to any of the cages, he would. He would follow Spud around while he did his chores, watching how he took care of all the animals.


Spud had a best friend, his name was Glock. Glock was a huge Pit bull that Spud had been given from the local ranch vet. Glock had been found shot in the head by some mean people five times, but even as he sat on the doctors table, his table was wagging. He was a very happy dog. Unfortunately, getting shot in the head by a gun is how he got his name “Glock”. Poor Glock was so happy, but after having survived such a traumatic head injury, he wasn’t too bright. He loved to come into Spud’s home to sleep at night. Glock was too big to sleep on the bed with Scrubbies and Spud. Sometimes Glock couldn’t sleep indoors, because he liked to spend all his time trying to lick Scrubbies, and Scrubbies only likes to lick himself!

Scrubbies had a game he would play with Spud at night if he was able to sneak out of the house after dark. Scrubbies knew Spud wanted him back inside, so he liked to play hide and seek. Sometimes he would go into the elephants food storage and hide in the large bails of hay. Spud would not know he was in there and accidental lock him in all night long, and not find him until he got up in the morning to feed the elephants! Spud was always happy when he found him again, knowing that he survived the night.

Scrubbies Wandering
One time Spud had a friend over who accidental let Scrubbies outside late at night. This friend kept calling Scrubbies, purring like a cat, shaking cat food, and hunting in the large pile of old tools and vehicles he liked to play in. Scrubbies would dart from one bush to another, running past Spud’s friend just to show off that he couldn’t be caught! Spud finally told his friend sternly, “If you really want him to come back, then stop playing with him.” So Spud and his friend goes inside the home, but his friend keeps looking out the window! Spud says, “He’s watching you look out the window, so he’s still playing hide and seek from you! You have to make him want to come back indoors to be with us by ignoring him.” His friend finally listened and Scrubbies mozied in as if he just got back from his chores, and Spud said….seeeeeeeee! Spud’s friends sometimes forgot that he was an animal trainer.

One day Scrubbies saw a rattlesnake, and being as brave as he is, he went to investigate. The snake bit Scrubbies in the leg for coming up to him. Scrubbies was taken to the ranch vet who put a purple cast on his leg. Scrubbies looked hurt, and his eyes looked tired, but he would still look out the window longing to feel better to go back out and play with his friends, although ….. he probably didn’t ever want to see the snake again.

Scrubbies Cast

Scrubbies had his cast taken off, and his leg was pretty mangled, but he started to perk up and look better. Scrubbies had such a love for life …. he was everyone’s friend and wanted to be outside with them soon. Scrubbies fought every day looking longingly at the world, and every day he was getting better.

Scrubbies Leg

Unfortunately, some sicknesses are too hard to fight….and Scrubbies liver couldn’t get all the snakes poison out of his little body. Scrubbies was taken to the vet, who said he should not be suffering, that it is better to put him to sleep, that it is more humane to ease him from all his painful suffering.

Scrubbies was honored to be buried next to the most beautiful Lions that once ruled the ranch…..Kahn and Romeo.

So even Scrubbies was only a little house/ranch cat….he lived a short but full and happy life of 4 years, and now is playing with the big Lion Kings somewhere in the heaven jungle.

Lion King

The Author’s Lessons from knowing Scrubbies

1. Sometimes you must give up something (the kids giving up Scrubbies as a pet) in order that he live a fulfilling life for himself with the exotic animals and where he could be his brave self.

2. Sometimes those we love get sick, and want to live, but it’s not always possible. Scrubbies longed to live and be with those he loved and those that loved him. Life is unpredictable, and what we want just isn’t possible, no matter how hard we try. The important thing is that the life Scrubbies lived, as short as his time on earth seemed, he left a legacy for others to remember him by: that of love, bravery, strength, and simply being his cool cat self.

3. Sometimes we have to let go of those we love. Spud had to have the vet put Scrubbies to sleep, because it was inhumane to let him suffer a painful existence.

Spud took the pain in telling the vet it was time to send Scrubbies to heaven, instead of allowing Scrubbies to suffer a moment longer.

4. That we may have many friends (as Scrubbies liked all the animals) but trusted that they liked him back, and unfortunately, sometimes, a snake is just a snake.

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