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SKY IS OVER: Animation – Behind The Scenes – Instrumental – Live

October 4, 2009

A shockingly awesome animation from Warcraft – a music video to Sky Is Over. My thoughts are any time music combines with motion of animation, and syncs really well, speaks volumes to the artists …. who most likely never even met each other. I have no idea if this had any collaboration, but it is a classic. Both artists stand on their own in having high standards.

I wrote to the creator of this animation video and she responded that the video is purely fan made and has nothing to do with Serj or Warcraft, neither they have any connection. She wrote: 

First of all with my gratitude, thanks for enjoying it, it means so much to me. Secondly Im a girl =P as in credit you can see I’m a member of Girl Gamers Club Vietnam. I simply just like the song and at the same time I also like Warcraft. I don’t make AMV to make the song fit with the scenes, I indeed make the scenes fit with the song. In brief, I liked the song and decided to make an AMV for it, then I started to look for games FMV that can describe my feeling about that song. Warcraft came to my mind, which Sky is Over is a great song about War and Loss (in my own feeling). I made it using Ulead Video Studio 11 and it was made for my friend’s bday (which was last December) and in case you are interested, in the video there is only 1 scene I took from Frozen Throne which I put it in purpose to see who can find it. Have a nice day and if my answers are not enough, please don’t hesitate to ask me……best regards, and thanks again ^^

So if anyone wants to submit any questions, let me know in the comments and we’ll have her answer.

Behind the Scenes Part I

Behind the Scenes Part II – creating the Sky Is Over:

SKY IS OVER INSTRUMENTAL – No Video – Still Image but worth listening to:

Live version:

I thought I would share this, I never knew all these videos existed until I researched today. This song is a classic, stands on it’s own in any application.


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