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October 3, 2009

I belong to a blogging group now, yes, I do. I read an article on why everyone thinks they will become the next blog star. I wrote the reasons why I know I will not. Blogging is for structure in my life, which as any hobby can take too much time, or do what it is supposed to do, and for me, that’s keeping me motivated.

5 Reasons Why I Believe I Will Not Become A Blog * STAR

I’m big on math, and I found these numbers on the WordPress Support page.
1) It’s Statistics: I use WordPress, and the users publish 200,000 blog posts a day and the readers are  leaving 300,000 comments a day. I have received 1 comment, which was Spam. I approved the comment and told the guy why it was Spam. Which was in essence me contributing to the comment, so that means if 300,000 comments are left a day, then they are probably 50% responses from the person who wrote the article. So that’s why I’m not getting comments. Tens of thousands new blogs are created on WordPress Daily. Fastest growth of blogs is in non-English countries: Indonesia, Germany, France, Turkey. 69% of WordPress is geared towards English.
2) I don’t choose popular Tags: I don’t write according to the top popular search topics of the day, I don’t follow the standard formula of a successful blogger, and I don’t care. I don’t go to other peoples sites and read and leave comments with a post to my blog so I can link up to their traffic. I am not one of the companies with content that people are actually going to read first – CNN – Time – The theory is Rayleigh wave dispersion – 80% of the readers are going to the top 10 blogs, and then the rest of us gets the trickle down if we happen to be topical, linked, etc.
3) I don’t want to build my blog stats by bugging my family and friends: I am not selling Amway. I want people reading the blog that are interested, and if you notice when you tell family and friends you have a blog, watch how many actually ask for the link. One did after I was telling a funny story, one did after I said I referred to their website in my blog, one did because I wrote about that person, that’s about it, it’s like looking at a photo album, if you’re not in it, you really are not interested taking your friends photo album home for when you have some down time.
4) Technical Aspects: A lot of time is going to take to link my blog up to every feed site, search engine, reference, is going to be a daily effort and new ones are coming out all the time. I do not have a staff, and I’m not going to run fake ads on Craigslist enlisting help and telling people I will give them Chief Editor credit.
5) Time: I’m not going to have the time I need when I have to return to school or work to dedicate for the 3 hours a day minimum a blog would need to promote …. I would liken this to opening a business, most businesses are not profitable for at least 2 years and then the chances are still 20%. I saw that “jobs” are paying 10$ – $50 a post for an open position which is being competed for by 100’s of applicants. The applicant with the highest Google statistic wins.

BUT – I enjoy learning about this, and being here for now. It’s been educational and fun… I put a Gold Star on my refrigerator today.

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