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Other Pieces of Collective Soul – Cover

October 2, 2009

This post was originally in the first blog A Piece Of A Collective Soul but I realized I wanted to separate the theme. Most people who know me well, know that this song I’m posting below, is my song. At least, my song from Collective Soul…and since the other post has the only video available on YouTube, the former record labels video has disappeared. I thought I would introduce it with an Avatar….since this is other pieces of Collective Soul, it fits. Give this video a chance, it starts out a little rough (the avatars are moving their mouths too much in the beginning) but the animator finishes it off nicely.

Despite the American Idol craze, I was oblivious to it, until David Cook. I saw him audition and I said, “That guy is going to win.” I actually watched most of his performances, which is not normal for me to spend that much time on one television program. I didn’t vote though. Impressed with how he chose altered songs, we can’t give him all the credit, like “Hello, Lionel Ritchie” but he did spend the time looking for adaptations of songs and he did take the risk, and he was great.
Now it is his final performance, and I hear he is going to sing “The World I Know”, I almost passed out. This was the most brilliant choice I ever could have imagined. He did change this song from the original and he made it his own, without disrespecting Collective Soul. With this song as his last pitch, I knew he was going to win. I also was shocked Simon didn’t know the song, because if he did, he never would have called it for the other David. That was the first and last time I voted too, and I voted more times than I care to admit.

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