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My first discussion with a liberal in an on-line forum

September 28, 2009

I fell for the trap again! I stumbled onto an actual place to post conservative blogs and it sucked me in. I have to share!

Re: Mark Levin vs Glenn Beck

Without cheating and looking up the stats, from what I remember Mark Levine has a law degree, writes books on judges, and has a very clear understanding of history and law. Mark also will freak out on his guests and raise his voice saying, “Get off the phone you dope.” He also calms down quickly and can be a soothing ear to someone who sincerely tries to express their thoughts, whether the caller is simple in nature or highly educated. Generally the highly educated get called out as liberals immediately and often put on some sort of hold, drop the call, hang up or pretty much told they are an idiot.
OK, Glenn….he was pretty honed in for his 20 minute show on CNN, but was clever in the amount of time he had without rocking the boat. He went on Fox and seemed pretty straight forward, good on education of topics, seemed to know his material pretty well, brought in experts to ask questions, engages his audiences…..then he went on his comedy tour, and I think he saw that he got the audience and the audience got him. I think that turned out to be one long marketing experiment. He came back and he used everything that got a laugh in the “fly over states” he sparked a movement, he started to let loose, get off the wall, get down right mad on the radio, challenge those who probably are threatening his life, and America gets him. For the city folk, it’s too much for them, but I find that at least 10 minutes of each show has a gem of information that I can’t hear anywhere else. When you talk that much though, you contradict yourself ….. but he knows it.

Other Person:

Glen Beck is a nut case.  He belongs in an institution and certainly not making millions spouting out his hate mongering, stupid conspiratorial rhetoric.  Don’t you see that he is nothing but a demagogue ?  Mark Levin is worse, in that he is supposed to be an educated man but has the myopic vision of a backwoods redneck.  He is vicious, full of hatred and a racist.  Anyone who takes either Beck of Levin seriously, needs professional treatment, preferably from a left wing liberal.


Nice! You are my first response to my first day of posting blogs on this site and I am excited.

I have an understanding of people, that what they say (or write) is the person’s own consciousness. Therefore, an example outside of yourself for clarity, “I don’t like people who have nothing nice to say about any one, they are haters.” I would listen to that and realize a) The person is contradicting the statement by talking negatively about other people. b) Realize that the person’s subconscious is actually speaking about the person who is speaking, which is themself.

I think that you would be impossible to convince that my opinion I posted was just that, my memory of the time I have spent listening to the two hosts. But the way you responded to my simple reflection was to “obscure or distort with emotionalism, prejudice, etc.” which is the exact definition I took out of the dictionary for the word you use “demagogue”. You then compare Mark Levine to a person who lives in a rural area but described it as “lacking tolerance or understanding; narrow-minded” by the term Red Neck, so yes, I would say that you do have myopic vision too. Isn’t it interesting how this works? I hope for your sake, you don’t actually need professional help, but it probably wouldn’t hurt. Everyone could benefit from therapy….but that’s for another topic.

OK OK – I’m going to do that homework now, I had to be honest. I couldn’t write this blog and then blog without admitting I have to discipline myself.

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  1. October 30, 2009 1:38 pm

    This whole business–left and right going to their respective corners; cutting off all conversation; using words merely as cudgels–Isn’t there more to life? To a communicative society a la Jurgen Habermas (I’m not too elitist to scorn wikipedia: )

    Join us by hashtagging your tweets with #dmzchat for starters. I bet there are more than two of us….

    • October 30, 2009 7:01 pm

      I look forward to our meeting. I have a few ideas where the others may be who would be interested in joining the discussions in a civilized manner. I am not going to agree with most people I invite, which I think is most appropriate. I am the first one who needs to practice and learn how to set an example of finding solutions to complex and emotionally charged issues.

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