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HOT Topics on the Conservative Forums

September 28, 2009

What concerned me about being a waste of time, might actually be a good exercise in practicing rational thinking. I think for balanced, I will do the same on the Liberal Forums where I will post and report what’s on the mind of people. I am providing my responses, which I must admit some of the statements alarmed me, no one has argued anything I posted but nobody has responded after reading either. I was by far the most positive and rational expression. That is not what I wanted to report. Uh Oh …..not what I expected to find. I wonder what I will think when I read this after a few more years of study…….mmm

Question: Pres. Obama is socializing everything because….
He thinks it’ll help strengthen the economy  
  2 (4.8%)
He wants more control over the American people  
  24 (58.5%)
He wants to be known for changing America  
  5 (12.1%)
He has no idea what he’s doing  
  10 (24.3%)

What is the real reason?

ME: He’s simply the product of a liberal education. He has all the debating, persuasive skills down, and he follows the money. He knew what to do to get himself elected, he knew who had the power to help him, regardless of their resume, he knew what church to belong to, what people to hang out with, what things to say. All that does not translate into being able to lead, when he followed. I truly believe the last answer, that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He learned theories that when applied are not going to generate the results he thinks because our founding fathers have a system to shake situations like this out. Just give it some time, this too shall pass.


Question: Obama is
a progressive  
  7 (21.2%)
a socialist  
  6 (18.1%)
a communist  
  2 (6%)
a facist  
  3 (9%)
a communist using facist tactics  
  2 (6%)
a facist using communist tactics  
  2 (6%)
something else we’ve never seen.  
  11 (33.3%)

Your vote was on: Today at 10:58am
Your vote choice was: something else we’ve never seen.


I ‘m concerned how fast he has proceeded to tackle issues. I think he is spending too much political capital on the health care issue and lose re-election because of this, and I don’t believe it will pass either. I think there is a quagmire in Afghanistan, and I believe that is a difficult war to win for anyone because of the country being one big farm for drugs. I believe that we have enough checks and balances in our government and only so much can be accomplished. I am happy that he didn’t repeal most of the infrastructure that President Bush put into place with Homeland Security. I’m not going to act the way I saw people act who didn’t like President Bush. I think a rampant brain virus causing some sort of neurosis spread throughout the world and I don’t want to portray those symptoms, that was pure sickness. I haven’t formulated his ideology yet, but I don’t think he has yet either. He has to figure out what will keep him in power the longest, and that will be it.


US President Barack Obama is to chair a United Nations Security Council meeting is making the board rooms hot hot hot. This article had an interesting letter from a Congressman regarding the matter. I responded with that letter found in this link below.


If we do collapse economically, what will be the outcome? Will we continue to surrender our sovereignty for money, or will Americans take back control of their country and rebuild it?

ME: I can only think positively. All things pass, good and bad. Some American’s have found that losing their job provided them freedom from the shackles of the man, and have become entrepeneurs, happier than they ever were and making money. Some Americans have found that laying them off forced them to apply to jobs they never would have considered, only to find they enjoyed the work and were provided better benefits and compensation than they thought. Some Americans are using this time to take a break and regroup while they collect unemployment, but are high contributors so when they do return to the workforce, they will be more potent than ever. I don’t know that statistics but I would assume that more Americans are going back to pursue higher education and when they return to the work force will have more to contribute than they did previously. Even in a depression there are those who get rich. Some Americans are getting rich, and will be hiring soon.


Re: Obama Thinks Iran has Right to Nuclear Energy
I already covered that on my blog Another Axis of Evil Taboo 


That’s plenty …… don’t you think?

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