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Things are going to start happening to me now…..

September 26, 2009

One of my favorite movies of all time is Steve Martin in “The Jerk”. The day comes when he finally has his own place with a phone number and his name published in the phone book, and he has this amazing realization that he is “going to be somebody”.  In another scene a crazed killer randomly flips through the phone book and his finger blindly lands on the name, Navin R. Johnson. He hides across the street of the gas station with his scope rifle site on Navin.  While Navin is drinking a soda that springs a leak,  realizes that there is something wrong when he spots the gunman, he figures out and yells, “He hates these cans!” as he runs to protect everyone……”stay away from the cans”…..hiding for refuge behind some oil display that is being shot…he says, “there are cans in there too!”

I just created this blog on September 24, 2009. My intention is to write about my journey to pursue a higher education at a top college university. Not only do I intend on accomplishing that as my goal, but I want a full scholarship to fund this dream.

I realized that things were not the reality as I understood them. I was the jerk. I am not expecting a free ride and I am putting in my effort and this blog is my discipline to stay on course. I actually didn’t think anyone was going to be reading it, so now that I have seen there are more hits than people I have told, I am giving the reader some context.

I realized my passion is for upholding laws set forth by our founders. I realized that we are facing a serious threat of anarchy with the capabilities of technology superseding the pace of life we have lived. My concerns focus on cyber warfare, and that our country’s next 9/11 is  embattled on a level that hasn’t even been contemplated, but will be launched imminently, if the framework hasn’t been already.

What would you do if your bank didn’t have a record of your checking account? What would you do if your television programming altered to a foreign language and tone designed to instil fear, to reflect a specific message and you couldn’t get through on the phone to report it, because everyone else is trying to call too? What would you do if your identity’s stolen, your credit wiped out, and your former transactions of good standing payment was gone? What would you do if your e mails intercepted and you never received them from people you thought you could trust? What if you received contact that your family member was stealing, cheating, lying, or god knows what behind your back, with images that the accused swears is a lie? What would you do? Who do you believe? A stranger that submits proof for the good of your well being, in the name of doing the right thing? What would you do?

Technology has created an amazing reprieve in time saving activities so that we produce more on every level. I would call that the honeymoon period, or the last of the simple times.

I didn’t go out and stock up on food when I heard about Y2K. I didn’t worry that in 1999 everyone thought it was end times, because statistically that belief rises at the end of every century. I am paranoid, because people are victims every day of identity theft from illegal hacking of some application. I frett because this generation socializes through a computer instead of playing hide and seek outside. I have a brain that never stops the what ifs….so now that I know that, I’m going to apply myself and do something about it.

So I had to make a list of truths that I do know.

1. I do know that I commit myself to guidelines protecting integrity of the law written in the  constitution for the United States of America.

2. I know that if I serve our country that I would accept responsibility and sacrifice what is necessary to fulfill my assignment.

3. I know that I own persistence, perseverance, tenacity and stubbornness to strive towards the American dream and be an example of lofty goals.

4. I know I honor the opportunity of a life time to live with a mentor, a woman Judge, my surrogate mother, and allowed time I need to pursue this through education and effort.

5. I know that I am very lucky, at the age of 39, to reinvent myself, and to have friends that never turn down an opportunity to help me in my pursuits, which is most humbling.

I have to take one step at a time, but my goals are beyond my grasp to truly believe they will happen without the hand of God. I can believe in the steps I take each day though, and with due diligence, one day turns into another day of progress.

I believe my experiences and passions will be found in the IT department. I begin at the basics of our constitution and founding fathers foundation because I want to understand the rules that apply in a world that has not been tested by case law. I know that learning the security structure of computers, networking, and communication will open doors to my curious nature. That doesn’t mean that I have the right to the answers. Therefore, I am learning about the boundaries of my knowledge because it is the wild wild west on the internet, not on the commercial internet, but in the GUI realm. I only risk poor decisions by lack of knowledge and truth of natural laws.

So here’s the plan. Read the study materials for the GRE test and write my essay. Gather my Letters of Recommendation. Read the books that educated our forfathers  and the living documents they created for the Republic. Report to the blog daily during my journey so I have someone to answer to (you). I work diligently having someone to answer. In life, no matter who you are, you have someone to answer to.

Why am I telling you this now? I had a call from a Faculty of College Information Systems, an expert with a PhD  and straight forward, helpful, cool guy, UOP Commercial. I have never met this professor, but called as a courtesy to another professor who has been a powerful female mentor  in my life I began my explanation for my 180 from project management to IT, and he honed in on my passion for maintaining integrity for the laws of the United States and upholding them. He said across the board, that sense has been lost. In which he proceeded to help, and among many important things,  he said if I was truly interested in cyber warfare, anti-terrorism, government work, then I had to read a few books. If I found them boring, then I would know I was on the wrong track. If I found them interesting, then I would have the language to get a pass for my novice understanding of IT.

I ordered the books today, they will arrive by next week. In the meantime, I will keep plugging away at what I do have, which is plenty to keep me busy until I can hopefully enroll by spring 2010.

So now you know…….stay away from the cans.

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