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Virtue Is Not A Crime

September 25, 2009

Only You Excite Truth!

I started this blog with the above statement and was going to stop there. I thought that was enough to contemplate, but I decided to share my thoughts on how you excite truth in your own life.  A blogger responded to one of my posts and wrote “you are one long syllable”, and I thought that was hilarious. There is nothing more virtuous than humbleness. I have not mastered that yet, but I am insecure if that counts.

So here is the test….what must a conservative do first when making a blog? I would put a poll together but it would take too long to get a few results out of the 3 people  reading this. A conservative, OK me, knew that I do not want government in my life and taxing me from cradle to grave, but I also must abide by the laws as they are in this time. If you look to the right of this posting you will see a green badge with the letters CC. That is Creative Commons. I was able to get  a secure Open Source ID and that badge which alert that my work and the work of others is  protected under that license. I also have a license underneath that attributes to the work. For some reason, the work gets preyed upon and other people are able to steal from you and make money, when you already posted it and haven’t. I don’t get it either.

The interesting thing about blogging is the effect that sales have in the industry and how people get paid. Blogs generate around 200,000 posts a day, on just one site like the one we are on. The theory compares the blog revenue to that of an earthquake. When an earthquake strikes it hits the epicenter, and who ever is within those boundaries receive 80% of the traffic. Those are the CNN, Times, and major companies that are long rooted and established in content. Then as the bloggers all rush to those sites they trickle down like Reagan Economics. Think about the math, there is not that much money in blogging, if there is anything at all. I wouldn’t quit my day job, or risk it by blogging at work all day.

I think that this is where having a pure heart comes in to play. I started a blog awhile back where I hid my identity. I had no intentions of introducing myself, or assuming my own role. I did it for therapeutic reasons to do something for myself. I have no intentions of having the best ever blog or try to sell, sell, sell! If you find yourself trying to convince people your work is the next best thing since sliced bread, then I would think about what your true intentions are.

Being virtuous does not come easy. Following laws and rules are not any fun. Do you think I wanted to read about the copyright laws for a couple hours before I could become creative. Heck no. A virtuous person does not expect one thing from someone else, without demanding it of one’s own self first.

Do you need instructions on how to live a virtuous life? Here: Remember all the rules that your parents imposed on you when you were a teenager?
They still stand.

Come on…..everyone knows the rules …..let’s play by them. Why am I so concerned? I’m worried about this society. I made an alarming discovery ….. the amount of pornography available on the internet. The amount of people who are acting out the commercial product desires. The videos are now free, streaming, live, interactive, ads, and people are now not just fantasizing about the possibility, but they are connecting to each other and acting out sexually, which is not only literally spreading disease, but the behavior shift is spreading like a virus through our society. I’m worried for the young adults who make these decisions to put naked and sexual images and actions on-line. They are not realizing that their mind is still young, that who they are as a person will grow and develop and they have no idea who they will apply for a job to one day, and have this held against them when going for the career that they dreamed of.

The statics are that one out of four teenagers have contracted a venereal disease. Teenagers have created a new way of passing dirty notes to each other which is called Sexting …. texting sexual content through their cell phones, even during class time.  The consequences have been brutal where suicide has been the result of sharing one’s private nude pictures with a person they thought they were in love with, only to have the images sent to every cell phone in the school. There was even a case of a mother posting her own MySpace website to disquise herself as a boy she had heard from her daughter that this girl liked, only to ultimately break her heart when she pretended to like her and then dump her on-line. The girl committed suicide and the mother was not charged because the laws on the books have not been established for application, as of yet. The growth of the internet has produced a change in culture faster than laws could be considered for what was transpiring, therefore, there is so little case law for prosecutors to refer to.

The people in the pornography industry are not happy either, because the profits have left the actors obsolete. Porn stars are no longer able to compete with the amateur video, fake amateur video, and dissemination of free product, so much so that there is no longer a need to invest in video purchases. Worse yet, the term “teen” is on these streaming video sites and I only pray that this is not true and only a marketing ploy….which isn’t good either…’s like the when the cigarette companies targeted the youth to get them addicted to smoking early for a long term customer.

Craigslist has free ads and not just a Casual Encounters section to fulfill all random fantasies, but an Adult section to pay for the hired sex to leave when finished. The debauchery seeds the diseases in our society, and the question begs asking, “What happened to this person in the past that allows them to post ads and partake in this?”  In my research, I didn’t get all excited thinking how open minded the person was, I wondered who victimized them, why are they a willingly participating and how is this generation going to re-produce the next one without being a torch carrier of dysfunction?

I’m not an organized religious person, in the sense that I do not commit to one church but attend many. I find in the study of religion that there are distinct differences of  interpreting the rules, new testament vs. old testament books in the bible that are emphasized more than in the others, which separates them. Many religions are monolithic and have common ideologies (Islam, Catholicism, Judaism) but that is for another blog. My point is that I understand why religion uses fear of going to hell to control mankind. The very fabric of our society is on the verge of complete abyss. The only solution is intense education, time management, parental supervision and prayer chains with your child’s name that s/he is going to get through this without a scratch.

We are at the tipping point where critical mass un-stoppable. I didn’t grow up in the 60’s, but who didn’t hear about them? As far as I’m concerned, the next sexual revolution has arrived, only not blatantly in the streets, but behind computers and closed doors …. slowly seeping into every corner of our society like an epidemic.

I wished I was sure that Jesus was going to come down from the sky and relieve our reality and confirm we are in end times. I’m sorry, but I think too practically and maybe to a fault, but instead of hoping I want our parents proactive. If you are a parent, remember you probably had your child at a young age, had mis-managed parenting yourself, and you should address this with treating your child as holy and worth preserving for the future of our civilization.

If you know a child who is absent of a parental figure, then sacrifice some time to help with homework, get rides to after school activities, talk to about personal issues and protect our young.

All things shall pass, yes good and yes bad. Maybe we can make another tipping point back to science, math, language, philosophy, art and music. I have went into the inner city schools and I have been to the private one’s, and the young parent’s both are guilty of this: their children wear sneakers that are worth more money than the allowence on books! Don’t begrudge your child of any opportunity, put your needs last, wish a better life for them then you had and mean it, resolve your childhood demons and protect your child from your own potential harm inflicted on them and in the end ….. pray…..because you are potentially one of the 98% raising either a tyrant or a victim.

I want to meet the future of tomorrow…..and say…..thank you Doctor and Master of Professions that move our civilization to all corners of the universe…..and sigh with relief …… I knew they could do it!

Word Origin & History


c.1225, “moral life and conduct, moral excellence,” vertu, from Anglo-Fr. and O.Fr. vertu, from L. virtutem (nom. virtus) “moral strength, manliness, valor, excellence, worth,” from vir “man” (see virile). Phrase by virtue of (c.1230) preserves alternate M.E. sense of “efficacy.” Wyclif Bible has virtue where K.J.V. uses power. The seven cardinal virtues (c.1320) were divided into the natural (justice, prudence, temperance, fortitude) and the theological (hope, faith, charity). To make a virtue of a necessity (c.1374) translates L. facere de necessitate virtutem. [Jerome]
Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2001 Douglas Harper
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