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Another Axis of Evil Taboo?

September 25, 2009

The first thing I noticed when I began working on this story is that it linked me up with other bloggers who absolutely was not expressing my desires to see a Republic govern their countries. I am certainly not a white imperialist snob referred to by others as “Miss Infidel”. As a new blogger, I see that there is a tight barrier between association to cause, verse some good ol’ fashion “thinking about a topic I saw on the news that disturbed me”.  My purpose is to respond to my studies, but I must address the recent presidential elections in Iran. Riots erupted and I want to see our country help them. I understand that Iran’s boxed in and has no natural resources, only oil. I understand that is why diplomacy always will work with them because we can cut off the supply chain, but I am not thinking about the government, I am only thinking about the citizens, and stopping their food supply so they starve to death diplomatically, just doesn’t work for me. Isn’t that North Korea’s policy too?

The Iranian people are highly intelligent, strong, advanced, and backed with thousands of years of history in warfare. Therefore, the Supreme Leader rules with our understanding of Machiavelli’s The Prince. The powerless President Mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad arrives to NYC on September 25,  2007 to speak at Columbia University. I was working close by on Park Avenue, and saw that the streets filled with black cars and M-16’s .  I walked past cages that held bottles to detect toxins in the air, while the “President” tells our US students there are no gays in Iran. I wish I would have been there when he feels why freedom to laugh at ignorance is something he has never had to shrug off before and move on with logic not Right by Natural Law. Have you ever listened to an interview with this guy? He truly believes his own lies to himself.

The Elections were a joke as obvious as the ignorant statements made with a straight face comparable when he appeared  to the Western press-of-mind on Larry King’s CNN appeasement hour.

The Iranian people we see on our TV riot in the street and we stand up and cheer, “Fight, Fight, Fight!”, but soon images of swarms of an uninformed army chase the demonstrators, and terrorize in a familiar movie mob style on the families friends, men, women and children. We think of ourselves, we think what we would do in that situation, and yes we think, we probably couldn’t sacrifice our loved ones. The secret police now hold for ransom their freedom in brutality, by measures out of sheer dominance of violent behavior, beating down the whiff of freedom in the air… close….a tipping point on the verge of anarchy,  yet a mirror of extreme tyranny, and either way a free society cannot survive without liberty or basic human rights of justice for one’s family.

The cyber terrorism begins, but I suppose we don’t notice unless it directly affects our ability to post. Iran is now shutting down blogs, filling them with deception and those who care post information to help, twitter sleight of hand to protect those risking the lives of their family for their cause…..our cause that we pray for ….. The very cause that we Americans take for granted that we vote without a gun to our head and even worse, with no information in our brain. My teachers provided very little understanding of the laws of freedom. I never heard the adventures, and hopes of our Forefather’s will for the world as one living under a Republic, with the Constitution based off of Natural Law – the very science of politics.

A flash from the past:
Not so unique but more intense is the dispute over the revolution’s results. For some it was an era of heroism and sacrifice that brought forth nothing less than the nucleus of a world Islamic state — “a perfect model of splendid, humane, and divine life… for all the peoples of the world.” On the other hand, some Iranians explain the revolution as a time when “for a few years we all lost our minds”, and which “promised us heaven, but… created a hell on earth.”

Israel knocked out underground nuclear known labs in Syria last summer, and no one even remembers hearing it on the news. This really kicks my ass, because nobody is paying attention! I am glad Israel did that, because we know what the people want, and it’s not for another arms race. Why are these countries hell bent on developing nuclear weapons? The answer is simple, they see our national policies with North Korea and India who have “the bomb”. Tyrants know the bomb allows the leaders of the country to behave and create a world of insanity, fostering complete submission of the citizens to succumb to their whims. Tyrants shudder at the thought of Saddam Hussein found hiding in a hole while his statues destroyed. They know one wrong move and they are next!

First of all, America is always labeled infidels because of our impact on culture, music, dance, and just plain hotness. Iran had moved in the last 15 years from 11% to 54 % Western culture in the younger generation.

So here’s my thing America……stop complaining that we do everything for oil, I don’t care if we do or if we do not. The one’s who attack for energy concerns are the same folks that complain the gas prices are too high, when Europe is double! Context, Context Context……Now the other deal… might not like the war, but where is your heart on the days that the people risk their lives to vote in Iraq and Afghanistan…… I don’t get it…..I don’t see you rallying for true liberation when refusing the acknowledgment of freedom to vote, a simple but monumental achievements that are happening because of President George W. Bush # 43.

Boy, did everyone just cringe there…..history will be kind to President W. Bush #43. If you truly had a physical reaction, then I would say it is you……sorry but there is some sort of epidemic that makes people hallucinate crazy things about a very straight forward Mr. President.  Even the brightest of minds have told me their lack of faith in his intellect, and I’m just dumbstruck! Let’s examine this on an National Esquire superficial level of information: 1. Has anyone seen his wife, I mean….we all know he married up, but how high up in society is a librarian (noble profession but not considered an American icon)? Don’t you respect her character and trust that she knows his heart? 2. Has anyone heard about how hard it is for the Secret Service to jog with him and keep up every morning.  Do YOU have that discipline. 3. How about the fact that after he left office he didn’t come out and say a word about President Obama. I don’t blame him for Vice President Cheney, he came with the package years ago from his dad’s candidacy, that guy is a warrior…..that’s not fair to associate President Bush with all the responsibility and none of the credit. By the way, have you read any of Vice President Cheney’s wife’s children books? Amazing recounts of American history. I think we need to give the former administration a break.

Let me bring the this all back into perspective. We are spending our energy breaking down our own leaders when we could be creating a plan that address the opportunity to send support services during a pending revolution.

Waking up with the news this morning, we all heard about Iran’s secret nuclear plant. OK, if anyone still thought that they were 5 years out, was certainly ignoring the world around them and probably watching too much American Idol.

Israel is always a great ally, though not publicly supported, and moves without the credit of support and stands alone strong. The Israelis live among the Muslims in Israel. I know that the Jewish culture is one of reason and education. There is some way we could work within the structures that are available. It is certainly better than locking down a whole society, and kept far from news of how the rioters who really were making a difference….where are they now? How is their treatment? Can you hear hundreds screaming now? I didn’t think so.

Not just Americans, but everyone prepare for when we see an effort of a country that longs to live out from under the iron hand of dictatorship. I want to see action, not more rhetoric, but I don’t want to receive any association about extremism on either side. I’m not Switzerland, I am not neutral or open minded for crazy. I am only interested in the human element of the Iranian people, who in the end ….. need our help. All our efforts, money and intelligence is working towards what? If I don’t see some bombs wipe out their nuclear program soon, then I won’t understand why we are allowing to let this government hold a movement down with torture…..the freedom of people revolting is their effort to show the world, that is: you and I, their heart and intentions – receive from US ….. NOTHING ……????????

Special Thanks to the Associated Press and Yahoo for their thorough writing and reporting.

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  1. October 9, 2009 6:46 pm

    Thanks for caring about the plight of Iranian people.

    • October 9, 2009 7:55 pm

      I care about the plight of all human beings on earth. I never understand why people complain about the wars we are in, the bases we build for occupancy, and the financial reasons we may profit, when they see people getting in line to vote, risking their lives to choose their future. America has already forgotten the plight of women and minorities to vote equally and the rewards of freedom, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Are we capitalists, yes, and so? Only to our ability and efforts do we reward ourselves, and not wait for anyone else, but it took the blood of those who sacrificed their life, freedom, liberty and pursuit of happiness, so we could enjoy ours. I support the world in finding the opportunity that we take for granted in America, where the streets are paved with gold.


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