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Care For Them

The Best House In The Whole World for Slumber Parties

August 2, 2014

Learning the Excaliber Dehydrator Economy-started the process of making fruit for the rush of children soon to come….

New Dehydrator

Meet McKenzie – this is a very good friend of McKenna


This is McKenzie’s twin sister Kelsie – we are working on some play issues


The girls all held hands and said a prayer of thanks before dinner….not sure whose idea it was but almost everyone participated.


The girls’ dad was putting in a fan during the whole event too…


After an exciting night of karaoke the girls come in regularly to see when breakfast is ready…


Meet the neighbor Nona and her granddaughter Charlotte!


Ended up that Kelly (McKenzie & Kelsie’s dad bought her van today)


 The new fan for hot summer days…and circulating heat on cold ones.



There is only one apple on the apple tree – Tenzing calls it “The Garden of Eden. “He then asks, “Should we take a bite? Or not take a bite and save the world. Or should we have the girls’ take a bite?”


Garden of Eden

Ha Ha! Kelly said, “Poppi said No fireworks!” Tenzing said, “Fireworks and rocket launches are two different things. Rockets are a hobby. They don’t explode at the top!”


The part came in to fix the lawn mower….and after some mechanical work, he’s riding already!

Jake mows

happy mowing

Most people with haying equipment don’t want to risk using it in an unknown field of dips, rocks and things unseen.

It could break it. So the guys are starting by hand.  We were looking for a trade for hay for clearing, but so far…that’s what we have learned.

The field


Kelly gets the bunk beds which helps with all the friends over. The basket on her head is because she has to go pick fruit for tonight’s pie.


McKenna’s room


Jake is still mowing while we blog…and pick berries….Tenzing is still weedwacking….


Now I must stop blogging to turn this into carrot juice and pies…



Adjusting Days

August 2, 2014

The girls have been here since Wednesday and will stay till Sunday afternoon. I talked to them about life situations changing and they would be spending more time at our house and McKenna yelled, “Yay!”

Tenzing fixed the Mexican Mobile – all it needs is a radiator and will be a fully functioning operating car. He is ordering the part and will have it by the time the String Band Jamboree is over.

Mexico mobile

Nick and Lacey stopped by and said congratulations on the house!

Nick and Lacey

For now Tenzing’s office is outside in the shade. It’s been hot up here.

Tens office


Jake’s father Russ is now invited over each Tuesday for dinner, and is very happy to see his son regularly.



We have an owl that we hear “whoing … who? who?” sometimes at night.




McKenna seems to be fancy now, and is really happy to get a haircut!

McKenna haircut


Kelly finds this fascinating and now wants one too!








Hello Poppi!




Kelly is becoming such a big girl now!



Hello Poppi!




Hello again from me Poppi!


New Life – New Blog Direction

July 27, 2014

I used to blog to release frustrations with my life…politics….the world in general.

OMGNowadays, I walk in miracles. I attribute it to taking chances, following my heart, letting go of attachments, and donating whatever I can when I feel called to do so, even if it eats up my time, resources, or sleep.

This is a time a friend dropped off a car, and it was super cool….

car1So we dropped everything we were doing and took a road trip!

roadtripThere is some significant people in our life I have met because I changed course and fell on the path they too were walking. One person in particular has become family and provided more than I could ever repay…although I will spend the rest of my life trying.

roadtripsSince our life has completely transformed, I want to share the moments of daily life here as a way to thank you for making this happen. You know who you are. To anyone else who is reading this blog….I’m just going to focus on the good in life. I’ve made a commitment too, that anytime I can…I will do more. That starts now.


“SlowGro” – Meet Russ – this is Jake’s dad. He is very happy that Jake is living with us now because it means that he will see his son more often. Since we have a few cars to fix, Russ came directly from his night shift to help us out for a few hours. It saved us a days worth of work!

Russ movesMeet Ava – she is our old neighbor but we are not going to lose touch. We already invited her over for a sleepover this weekend while we were moving!

AvaMeet Elspeth – she spends most summer weekends with us, and loves it, except when we try to make her eat more vegetables. She calls herself a “Pickyaterian” and we are all working on that.

ElspethKelly & Elspeth swinging in a hammock…having FUN! Jake bought it for $1.00. It’s kind of coming a part but worth every cent!

hammockMurphy really seems to be happier than the human beings.

Murphy2Jake adopted a Maine Coon cat! He came with a very matted furry back.

FredMcKenna wasn’t too afraid of the 20lb cat….and cleaned him up.

MurphyandFredMurphy thinks he is helping….








Murphyandfredoutside2Fred’s first time outside with Murphy.


Sunday morning breakfast – the girls made it all by themselves! They were pretending today was McKenna’s birthday, and threw a party!

A Great Bellingham Pre-School

October 18, 2013
 Bellingham PreSchool
The Bellingham Preschool of the Arts will be hosting an Open House on Saturday, October 19th from 10 am to noon at our school, located at 1059 N. State St., right next to the Farmers’ Market. Lead teacher Tina Ocheltree and her wonderful staff invite you to come and experience this fantastic preschool, considered one of the best in the Bellingham area. For more info, please go to


February 1, 2013




A very interesting solution to your future. I’ll write more soon!

Sustainable Bellingham 5th Annual Seed Swap

January 6, 2013


I’m preparing lots of hummus for the event!

Join me at the Sustainable Bellingham’s 5th Annual Bellingham Community Seed-Swap!
“Getting Seeds Into the Hands of the People”

Open to the Public -No Fee -Donations accepted! GMO Free Event!
1:00 Doors Open
1:15 Opening Circle & Swap Etiquette
1:30 Swapping Seeds & Sharing Stories
2:00 “Basic Seed Saving” talk by Celt Schira
4:30 Swap Ends & Clean Up

*. People with Heirloom Seeds, Packaged Seeds, Edible Tubers& Seed Potatoes To Share
*. People without seeds who want seeds to grow & save welcomed!
*Label Your Seeds & Bring Extra Envelopes to Share*
( No Genetically Modified Seeds !)

Sustainable Bellingham – Center for Local Self-Reliance – Earthcare Garden Designs – Majestic – Forest Gardens – Community Food Coop & more!

Light refreshments will be provided & Finger Foods Welcomed.
Join our Volunteer Team to set up, take down, assist with promotion & planning!
Volunteers needed: email
For info, to donate, or to sponsor, please email

-or see
Sustainable Bellingham

Fat Kid Rules The World Movie Review

May 20, 2012

I attended the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) and watched the presentation of Fat Kid Rules The World.

Matthew Lillard kicked off the movie by getting up on stage and expressing his gratitude  and instead of taking on his Director and Producing credit, he said, “This is our movie.”He asked those in the audience to raise their hand if they were involved with the production and I could see various hands scattered throughout the venue.

The first thing I noticed was the quality of the film production. This was more than just another indy film by an actor turned first time director, this film had a quality to the look and feel that was exciting.

This is a very unique film that you have to see for yourself, so I’m not going to give anything away in order not to spoil it for you. I thought it was going to be more of a punk genre movie that I would have to relate to from my high school years, but I walked out of the threatre realizing this film relates to all of us on a deeper level, and you certainly do not have to be a punk music fan or teenager to appreciate the story.

Matthew Lillard told us how he picked up the novel by KL Going “Fat Kid Rules The World” nine years ago, and ever since then this film has been in the making. He said that he was that kid, and that getting into drama in high school was the “punk rock” that saved his life.

The story begins with Troy Billings (Jacob Wysocki). A fat kid who has become suicidal and in his attempt to kill himself by walking in front of a bus is saved by Marcus (Matt O’Leary) a high school drop out, and chemically dependent punk rock musician and street kid. The two unlikely characters become friends, and you quickly realize they both share one thing in common, and that is self destructive behavior trying to cope with the world around them.

The film flashes into the fantasy mind of Troy Billings, and surprises the audience with scenes we can all relate to when we let our imagination run wild. The audience laughs during these cutaways with delight and enthusiasm. We all relate to this off the wall “what if” thinking.

The actors picked are amazing choices. They all deliver with believability and relatedness. The role of Troy’s father (Billy Campbell) was another character delivery that was spot on. He played a tough marine turned security guard, and as often as you expected one response from him to his son’s antics and new found friend, you got a guy who was an example of what being a good father and a good person is all about.

There are many great scenes in this movie that deals with relationship issues of all kinds. Troy’s heart to heart talk with his younger brother Dayle – played by the actor Dylan Arnold is another point in the movie to pay close attention to.

After the show Matthew Lillard returned to the stage to take questions and one of them was how did the film get Billy Campbell as the role of the father. Matthew spoke of the films limited budget, and how he was preparing his lines to play the part of the dad, when a local agent friend of his said Billy had just wrapped up a movie and was available. He said he called Billy and even after Billy happily accepted the role, he found himself still begging him to play the part. Matthew thought that if he had played the role it would have been the worsts mistake he had made, and then he followed up with, “I think that is the meanest thing I have ever said to myself.”

It’s this sense of humor and direction that made this film amazing, but Matthew still didn’t take credit. He said he would come up with an idea and his advisers on the set would run with it taking scenes to places he could never have imagined.

Matthew had invited up everyone to the stage who worked on the film and the audience had so much fun seeing all the people that were involved and there to support the project. A special thanks went to Rick Rosenthal for having the vision to produce a movie about a fat kid.

In the end, Matthew told the audience not to get too excited, because next he would be asking for money. I don’t think anyone in the audience took offense.

They just landed a deal with TUGG, this is an opportunity for a group of 20 people or more to request to see a film on demand at the movie theater in your area.

Fat Kid Rules The World is also going on the WARP Tour, bringing the movie to every location the WARP Tour will be performing.

They are also doing a Kickstarter Campaign to raise money for distribution to bring the film to a city near you.

I not only suggest you see this film, but you become a part of it, and help make it happen.

Check out TUGG, and their Kickstarter Campaign. If you don’t have the means to donate, you can help by getting the word out and follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and send out some Tweets and posts in support of this amazing film.

After the presentation was over, the audience was meeting and greeting with Matthew, the actors and production crew. I walked up to Rick Rosenthal to tell him how much I loved the film, was very surprised at how good it was, and it was so much deeper on so many levels that I didn’t expect. He responded very passionately and simply, “It’s a story of a fat kid, but we’re all that fat kid in high school, even if we are the skinny kid, even if we were the jock, we all can identify with the same struggles.”

An update: As of today the Kickstarter campaign has reached their $150,000 goal, with 59 hours left! That means this film will be coming to select theaters across the country, with the support and love of the fans of the movie. Make sure you go see this movie as soon as you get the chance! Fat Kid Rules the World Rocks!


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